Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grandma Week

Hayden's Grandma Warren came for a visit.
She didn't come for anything special, she just came to play with Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden!
(He's sooo lucky).

Hayden and Grandma hanging out on his blanket.
They just played, played, and played some more.

Hayden showed Grandma some of his new tricks:

Hayden doing his FAST Army Crawl.
Man, when he wants something you had better watch out cause

While Grandma was visiting we decided to go to Lagoon.
We stayed the night at the Lagoon Campground,
so we had TWO fun-filled days of rides and amusement.

The Lagoon Group!
(Nick, Ashley, Brian, Hayden, Grandma Warren, and Jessica)

Brian and Jessica
(The Roller Coaster Experts)

Ashley and Nick
(The Twirl and Hurl Experts)

Hayden and Grandma Warren
(Experts in Slow and Smooth)

Hayden's Helpful Hints
to a Fun and Safe Time at an Amusement Park:

1. Always have adult supervision.

2. Hold on tight.

3. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

4. Relax, Your at an Amusement Park!

More Rides at Lagoon:
A ride on the Cho0-choo train.
(Nick, Hayden, Ashley, and Brian)

An exhilarating ride on the Carousel.
(Nick and Hayden with Mr. Toad)

The last WICKED ride.
(Jessica, Grandma Warren, Nick, and Brian)
Yes, Grandma Warren DID go on the ride!

Thank you Grandma for coming to visit.
We had such a great time!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Whole Month in One Blog!

Hayden is 6 months!

6 New Things for a 6 Month Old
1. FAST Army Crawl
2. Sits-Up Strong
3. Devours Rice Cereal, Snacks On Veggie Puffs, and Gulps from a Water Bottle
4. Rocks in a Crawling Position
5. Wakes-Up Happy (Talks to his Imaginary Friend) 
6. Recognizes (Cries) When Mom is Gone (Oh! So Sweet)

5 Months to 6 Months 
7 BIG Events

1. Manti Temple Pageant - June 19th 

Nick, Ashley, Brian, Hayden, and I went with the Wissinger Family to the Manti Temple Pageant. We camped over night and enjoyed the quaint little town.
The Manti Temple is gorgeous and the Pageant inspiring.

Ashley and I sporting the "Camping Look".

Brian and I getting ready for the Pageant to begin.

Ashley and Nick bundling up.

Hayden loving life because he was up past his bed time. 
(He didn't love it too long when he realized he had to go to sleep in his car seat).

2. Brian's First Father's Day - June 21st

It was a small celebration, but heart-warming. 
Brian LOVES being a father to Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden.

(Pictured are German Pancakes. 
I don't know if they're Brian's favorite, but they're mine!)

Brian got a new case for another IPhone to lose...Ops! I mean to get stolen ;)

3. Another Fun-Filled Vacation to Washington - 
June 24th - 30th (This time we sent a missionary off,
instead of receiving one.)

Our vacation started at Jon and Sherri's Lake Side Cabin. 
Uncle Blake and Hayden were Best Buds.

Hayden enjoys a plethora of chew toys. His favorite at the cabin was his jacket zipper. 

(Don't tell Uncle Jon and Aunt Sherri that Hayden used their Cabin's kitchen sink for more than just washing hands).

The Quigley Boys enjoyed the beautiful scenery located near the cabin (they just enjoyed viewing it with golf clubs verses binoculars).
From left to right: Kyle (Peruvian Missionary), Ken (Dad and/or Pops), Brian (handsome, awesome, fun-filled father and husband), Brandon (single and looking), and Blake (Hayden's Best Bud) 

Even I was able to enjoy the "scenery". 

After a short week at the cabin we headed to the Tri-Cities.

We were immediately drawn back to the water 
(Hayden HAD to try out his new life jacket).

Hayden pictured with Captain Grandpa Warren.

Then there were more fun-filled water days.

Hayden enjoying his own private pool with Grandma Warren.

(I love when he gets that inquisitive look).

And MORE swimming.
(Hayden, Aunt Jamie, and I)

Hayden hanging out with the hot lifeguard.

And all that swimming can tucker a little guy out. 
Thank goodness for Grandma cuddles.

What's better then Grandma cuddles? 
Grandma cuddles x 2!

It was a fun-filled Washington WATER vacation. 

And a great way to remember our Peruvian missionary for the next two years. 

4. Hayden Eats Rice Cereal - June 29th

At first he was "afraid, he was petrified"...

...then he got the hang of it...

...and then there was no stopping the little monster!

5. Independence Day Celebration - July 4th

We started the day with Hayden's very first Parade.
Hayden with Mommy.

My two boys having fun before the parade began.

Some more boys that I know (Elder Quigley, Seth, and Brandon).

Baby H with Baby E :)

Elder Quigley and Hayden posing in front of the MTC float. 
(Kyle reported 4 days later).

After the parade we hiked Timpanogos Caves. 

This is Hayden 5 minutes after we started walking, we hadn't even started on the trail.
I think he knows the best way to hike: sleep and have someone carry you.

And a picture of the behind, from behind.

A picture of part of our hiking group.
(Mikey, Brian, Seth, Kyle, Brandon, 
AND if you look real close you can see Coco's head in-between Seth and Kyle's shoulders).

Brandon, "I'm King of the Hill!"

Picture at the top. 
Although I almost died hiking to the top it was well worth it, it was beautiful!

Once we got to the top we took a tour of the Caves.

It was super dark and narrow.

Nanna Quigley holding Hayden in the cave while he napped AGAIN. 
(I guess being packed really wears you out).

Kyle, Seth, Brandon, Brian, and Jessica in Mt. Timpanogos Cave.

Hayden sportin' his "I Made it to the Top" sticker. 
It should've said: "I Made it to the Top Without Breaking a Sweat (Thanks Dad)".

It was a Picture Perfect ENDing. 

6. Camping at Fairview - July 11th

Fairview is the most beautiful place to camp. 
It has several ponds, multiple 4-wheeler trails, and endless scenery. 
Pictured: Gavin, Aunt Tina, Uncle Dave, Shirsten, Brian, and Jessica

While camping at Fairview we found more then just wonderful terrain... 

We found snow...

We found rain...
(The guys built us a fort while riding because it started POURING cats and dogs. 
We waited it out for about 30 minutes).

And then we found MUD!

Hayden even discovered something while camping at Fairview.
He learned that he could get up on all 4's. 
(Who needs a 4-wheeler when one has all 4's?)

7. Hayden got his High-Chair - July 13th

This Cutie-Pututie enjoys Rice Cereal, Veggie Puffs, and an Occasional Drink from his Back-Washed Water Bottle. 
Would you like a seat at his table?

Well there it is folks, our jam-packed month in one blog! PHEW!