Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hayden's 2nd Birthday

On Hayden's birthday, Grandpa and Grandma gave him a work bench:

Hayden using the drill.

Birthday day wouldn't be complete without sharing your new toys with friends:
Hayden showing Jarom his new work bench.

But Jarom was more interested in the new basketball hoop.

Hayden and Jarom shooting some lay-ups:

(A little work-out before naps, they slept well!)

Celebrating Hayden's Birthday with a Yummy Cake and Good Friends:

(That's supposed to be a SMILE, he hasn't quite mastered it.)

"I just need a little taste before everyone gets here."

The Birthday Group:
Izzy, Avery, Ayda, Hayden, and Jarom

Izzy Playing with the Birthday Balloons.

Jarom, Hayden, and Ayda interested in the Dr. Bag from Nick and Ashley.

Hayden opening his last birthday gift, a Thomas Train.

Happy #2 Hayden!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holidays in Washington

The Quigley Family spent a week in Seattle with Blake and Megan.

Hayden's First Christmas Surprise was Big Bear...

While visiting we went to a little Christmas Light Town:
Brian, Nana, Blake, Brandon, Megan, Pops, Hayden and Jessica (not pictured)

Uncle Blake being the Hero and rescuing Hayden from the stroller.

Pops and Hayden found Frosty the Snowman

Group Shot: Jessica, Brian, Nana, Blake, Megan, Hayden, Pops, and Brandon

Hayden enjoying being the Train Conductor

Hayden even got to ride a Horse.
I thought he was going to freak once he got on, but he surprised me and rode the horse with a smile the whole time! He's growing up too fast.

A little Christmas for Blake and Megan:

It looks like Hayden's enjoying the wrapping.

Brandon's 12 EGG OMLET Eating Challenge:
Brandon's thinking, "Oh Man, what did I get myself into?"

Eat-Up Brandon!

Brandon's "I Think I've Had Enough Moment!"...

Cheer Brandon On...


Seattle's Pike's Place Market:

Pops and Hayden enjoying a Strawberry Crepe.

Ferry Ride:

Brandon was such a trooper:
He got stuck chasing Hayden the whole time (1 hr).

A Meal at the Crab Pot:
Daddy was the only brave soul, he had 3 different crabs!

We celebrated Christmas with the extended Quigley Family by having a gift exchange.
Teresa, Pops, Nana, and Great Grandma Quigley

Hayden with his new gift...

Sadie, MiKya, and Jordan

Nana, Hayden, and Pops

Paul, Great Grandpa Quigley, Cheri, David, and John

Hayden and John

MiKya and Hayden, warming up to each other.

MiKya playing with the new puppy.

MiKya and Hayden finally playing together.


Brian, Colt, and Grandpa

The Boys were Eating OR Playing Cards, OR Eating AND Playing Cards.
Brandon, Pops, Brian, and Grandpa

Brian and Brandon listening to Jamie's Christmas Program.

Pops, Hayden and Nana also enjoying Jamie's Christmas Program.

Grandpa REALLY enjoying Jamie's Christmas Program.

Hayden opening his Christmas Eve Gift...
Buzz Lightyear Pajamas!

And Lightning McQueen Slippers!

(I don't think they will fit, Pops)

Hayden in his Christmas Eve Outfit (Buzz PJs & McQueen Slippers)...

Melt Down...
Time For Bed!

Look what Santa brought...
And Santa was on the early shift, he came at 10pm!


Hayden showing Grandpa his new Buzz Lightyear.

Colt opening some new Church shirts.

Nick stoked about his new power tools.

The Warren Clan.

Grandpa with a White Pine H.S. T-shirt and Cap.

Grandpa and Grandma with their H.S. Memory Box. Included was an old school Basketball Jersey, Baseball Shirt and Cap, and High School Dance Pictures with Love Notes!
It made Mom cry :)

Nick, Ashley, Buzz, and Jamie

Hayden SNAPPING...

Mom got a new Wedding Ring...

I really think Hayden enjoyed the wrapping, snaps, and boxes the most.


Wow! Hayden got a Front Loader and a Dump Truck from Pops and Nana.

The Fam talking to Missionary Kyle in Peru.

Daddy with a new holster.

Brandon with his new Hand Gun (his real one was on the way)!

Pops got Nana Molasses Chips
(And Nana got Pops Molasses Chips Too!)

Brian with a new iHome.

Hayden showing his new Buzz to Nana and Pops.

Nana got Hayden some Juggling Balls.

Pops Juggling for Hayden.

Hayden playing in his new Toy Story Tent...

What a Great Christmas, Surrounded by Family!


Great Grandma Quigley gave Hayden a Party Hat and a Noise Maker!
What a Party Animal!!