Thursday, June 18, 2009

haYdEN's 5 MOntHs

Time's a Flyin'!
We're having a BLAST with little Handsome Hayden.
He is now 5 months. He weights 14 lbs 1 oz, and is 25 inches long.

(2 of his favorite things: a bath and material)

5  rEAsOns  tO  LoVE  HaNDsoMe  haYdEN:

1. He gives the nicest cuddles. 
(He loves to take naps with mommy).

2. He doesn't mind getting LOTS of KISSES.
(Even the ear piercing ones that Daddy gives).

3. He's a great buddy.
(He loves to hang-out, camp, swim, watch sports, play, and even shop!)

4. He's a great sleeper.
(He goes to bed at 8:30 and doesn't get up til 8 in the morning, 
with only 1 feeding in between.)

5. He gave Brian and I the BEST JOB, being his parents!

Side Note:
Hayden has been sleeping like this for awhile, but I haven't got a picture until now.
Brian says, "He loves camping so much that he makes himself a TENT each night."
(I know, you just can't resist it. 
You just want to reach out and SPANK that little BUM!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visiting Grandpa Johnson

Last weekend Ashley, Nick, Brian, Hayden, and I visited my Grandpa in Richfield.
We had a great time! (Especially because you can ride 4-wheelers in town, so we went on lots of rides).

1 thing I learned about my grandpa while I was visiting:
He loves to cook and he's good at it!
For breakfast on Saturday we had (no joke): french toast, bacon, sausage, ham, orange juice and waffles. It was better then Denny's! 
For dinner that night we had pork chops, steaks, potatoes, and corn on the cob. We were well feed and it was delicious!
While we were there Grandpa took Ashley, Hayden, and I to our Grandmother's grave in Monroe. Here are some pictures:

Grandpa Johnson and Ashley next to Grandma Bunni's grave.

Grandpa Johnson (Hayden's Great Grandpa), Hayden, and Jessica

Did you notice that FINE looking swan next to the grave? Yep, Grandpa picked that up at the local hardware store before we went. What a nice guy!

(Now I've done my genealogy work for the year!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watch out for the PIRANA!

Hayden has started to TEETHE!
He is a little bit grumpy, drools more than spits-up (I know can you believe it, it's a miracle), has looser bowel movements, and bites everything in reach (his favorite is mom's pointer finger). 
Grandma Warren bought him this shirt a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was very appropriate.

Like I was saying, he bites EVERYTHING! 
I had to dig a wad paper out of his mouth earlier today.

And that's not a big rain drop on daddy's shoulder, NOPE it's Hayden's drool!

Talking Material

Ever since we got back from Washington Hayden has been a TALKING, ROLLING MACHINE. I have been putting a blanket, and toys, down on our living room rug (so that when he spits-up, which is every 10 minutes, I only have to throw the blanket in the wash and not the rug). He will roll from one end of the blanket to the other. He loves being on the floor, he reaches for all of his toys and usually talks to me or himself.

The other day I was washing dishes while Hayden was rolling around on his blanket. He was making a lot of noise so I came to look. I find him devouring the corner of the blanket (we all know how much he LOVES material). He was having a great ol' time so I took a little video. This video not only demonstrates his love for material but also shows how much he's talking these days.

(Did you catch the part at the end where he  ravenously ATTACKS the blanket?)

Seven Peaks Swimming

Hayden and I have been going to Seven Peaks about every other day to swim.
I don't know who's having more fun, me or him?

There are 3 pools that we swim in.

1. The Wave Pool - 
We sit and let the waves wash over us. 
(Hayden has fallen asleep twice in this pool. The waves make too much of a calming sound and rock him back and forth as they come and go.)

2. The Kiddie Pool - 
Hayden will stand on the steps and do his little 'hop/bounce dance' then he'll kick up his legs and let them float back down. Once he feels the step he will stand-up again and repeat his dance (of course I'm holding on to his arms the whole time, this kid is fearless).

3. Lazy River -
I'll put Hayden is his floatie and we'll float around. 

We usually go with Amber and Baby E.

I'm so grateful to be a stay-at home mommy, 
Hayden is so much fun and there are lots of perks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hayden's First Pet - NOT!

Well today Hayden got his first pet. Actually, Hayden got 3 pets.
I went out back, on our little patio, to hang-up Hayden and my bathing suits when I heard meowing. I couldn't hear where the sound was coming from so I called, "Here Kitty, Kitty". All of a sudden a big, ugly, black cat came darting out from under the bay window. She climbed our little tree and hoped the fence. I could still hear meowing so I looked under the bay window and to my surprise I find...

three tiny kittens, probably less than a week old. There are two white ones and a black. 

Does anyone want a kitten?

Monday, June 1, 2009

TOO Cute and TOO Funny!

Hayden has been spoiled these last couple of weeks. He got two new outfits, one from Aunt Tina and the other from Grandma Warren. He also got books from Nanna Quigley. 
I guess God made Grandmas for a reason, one of them being to buy grandchildren things that their parents can't and won't.

This picture is of Hayden in one of his new outfits. 
Isn't he just TOO Cute!?

TOO Funny!
On Friday we went to Aunt Tina's house to help her set-up for a yard sale. Her five year old son, Gavin, was also helping, or at least trying. Gavin was putting $1 stickers on EVERYTHING, including his older brother's Tacoma truck. Gavin decided to put a sticker on Hayden (or as he says "BABY HAYDEN"), but instead of being only a dollar, he decided that Hayden was worth $100. 
Clever Brian (always rolling with the punches) shouted, "Clean diaper for a limited time only!" When I asked if the cute outfit was included, he stated, "Accessories sold separately."

"This is the Place" Heritage Park

My Grandpa Warren celebrated his birthday last Saturday at "This is the Place" Heritage Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day. And we had a great time. 
Here are some pictures and videos from the day. 

Gavin and Tiffany

Brian pushing Hayden, and Uncle Pat 
Brian's actually not pushing Uncle Pat. (Misplaced Modifier)

Ashley and Gavin

Trista, Korbin (in stroller), Carlin, Grandma Warren, Uncle Richard, Aunt Alice, and Shauna

Ashley, Grandma Warren (Birthday Boy, not in his Birthday Suit), Stephanie, Uncle Stan, and Travis

Pioneer Man, Grandma Warren, Carlin, Ashley

Brian and Nick

At Heritage Park they have historical houses brought from all over Utah to this location. The little town has a bank, barber shop, black smith, dance hall, school house, and many more. At one of the little houses a man showed the kids some of the chores the pioneers performed.

Here is Gavin washing some clothes. After washing them he hung them out to dry. He also watered the garden and beat a rug.

After doing the chores, the pioneer man showed us some games. (Everyone wanted to play the games, even though only the kids did the chores. I wish it was like that at home!)
One of the pioneer games was Stilts.
The first one up was Nick.

He did pretty good. In fact, he looks like Michael Jackson on stilts!

Next up was Brian. He didn't do as well.

He reminds me of Iron Man, kinda of clumsy and heavy at first. 

Last up was Grandpa Warren. Yep! Grandma Warren!!

It took him a while to get up, but once he did, he performed better than the younger guys. (Don't be thinking dirty now!)

Here are more pictures of the fun-filled day.

Nick and Hayden

Brian actually shot that pistol, but of course I didn't have my camera ready.

Nick shooting the Sheriff's riffle. 
"My gun is bigger than your gun!"

Hayden Bo-Bayden and Mom

Nick, Brian, Hayden, and Jessica
(Ahh-ohh! Brian's loose in a Candy Store!)

Here's most of the group. We went on a Train Ride around the town.

Gavin, Brian, and Travis

There was even a petting zoo at the Stables.

Jessica and Hayden posing with Pony.

Gavin riding Pony

Jessica, Hayden, Gavin, and Ashley with Goat #1.
(Goat #2 was kind of shy, you can see it's 'behind' on the right side).

Hayden and I looking at the little, baby lambs.

We had a great time at Heritage Park. It was a great way to start off the summer and celebrate the birth of our grandfather!

Motor Boat, Motor Boat

While visiting in Washington, Hayden went swimming for the first time. 
He enjoyed it! And I'm glad, because I already spent money on a Seven Peaks pass, swimsuits, towels, and toys; I need an outlet to get out of the house; and I desperately need a tan! 

Here's a picture of Hayden Bo-Bayden's first swim suit and beach towel. 

And a picture of Handsome Hayden's Hilarious, Happy, Handy Hat!

I enjoyed swimming so much as a kid. It was the only activity my brother and sisters did during the summer, and now I get to share that happiness with Little, Baby Hayden.

He didn't like back floating too much, but we'll work on it.

Little Fishy Hayden swimming with Mom.
(Usually girls have the problem of swimsuits coming off, but never boys. Hayden defiantly does not have his Mom and Dad's big booty.)

Hayden loves to feel independent, so he did great in his tube. And it was the perfect time to introduce "Motor Boat".
"Motor Boat, Motor Boat go so Slow. Motor Boat, Motor Boat go so Fast. Motor Boat, Motor Boat Step on the Gas!" (Hayden has plenty, he takes after the Quigley boys.) 

I think Hayden will fit into his swimming trunks ALL summer long! 
(Man I wish I had his problem.)

Hayden enjoyed swimming, but I think he enjoyed being cuddled by Dad just a bit more. 
(Don't you wish someone wrapped you in a warm towel and then cuddled you to sleep after stepping out of a cold pool?)

Colt's Mission Homecoming

My brother, Colt, returned from the Cuiaba, Brazil mission on Saturday, May 23rd. 

The first thing Colt did was hold Hayden. (Hayden was asleep. It was an hour after his bedtime, but I made an exception and let him stay-up to see his Uncle Colt for the first time. But he didn't make it, he fell asleep 10 minutes before Colt's arrival.) Colt packed Hayden around the house for about an hour and Hayden slept on his shoulder the whole time.  

We had a family dinner. Colt requested Homemade Pizza. 
I must say, pizza would be on the top of my list for American Food, along with a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake. Oh! And cheesecake, strawberry banana pie, peanut M&M's, Costco swirl yogurt, DQ ice cream cake, snicker doodles, and string cheese. 
(Man, I wouldn't gain weight on the mission, I would gain it all at home!)  

Jamie, Colt, and Aunt Tina dishing-up dinner.

Picture of the Fam celebrating Colt's return.
James (Dad), Leigh Anne (Mom), Aunt Tina, Uncle Dave, Jessica, Hayden, Brian, Ashley, Gavin (cousin), Nick, Jamie, Colt, Grandma Warren, David (cousin), Shirsten (cousin), and Grandpa Warren.

Colt showed-off some of his Brazilian souvenirs.
("Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492") 

The fam played some Wii.
Notice how the missionary is not in the picture. I think he was in the other room studying his scriptures! :)

He thought the mission was tiring.

Hayden and I stayed for another whole week in Washington. We loved the attention and company, but we missed Daddy and a sleeping schedule.

Here are some pictures of Hayden with his admirers. 

Hayden and Grandpa Warren

Colt and Hayden
(Colt put Hayden to sleep twice, just by singing Brazilian lullabies and tickling his face. I wish I had that kind of help all the time!)

Grandma Warren blowing bubbles for Hayden. 
(Do you like how Brian babysits Hayden?)

Nanna Quigley with Hayden

Hayden with Pops Quigley

Nanna, Hayden, and Uncle Kyle
(Kyle leaves for Lima, Peru on July 8th. We are so excited and proud!)

While we were there in Washington, Grandma Warren got Hayden to giggle on the last day. Of course I didn't have my camera handy. So this is Hayden's second giggle. It's not as good as the first, but it will do. ("That will do pig, that will do.")

Hayden and I had such a great time in Washington. I think Hayden's laugh reflects all the fun he had with the family.