Monday, June 4, 2012

Kid Update

What have Jocelyn and Hayden been doing?

Helping Daddy in the Yard 
 (Hopefully we will have a lawn in a couple of weeks)

Jocelyn has been CLIMBING anything and everything
 She pulled down boxes, and then stood on them to make her taller (she was trying to reach the cans). Oh what a silly little girl. Now, she is even opening cupboards and drawers, watch-out she can make a mess. 

Hayden's First REAL Dentist Appt
 He was super, duper good. Uncle Blake would have been proud!
Man, he has grown-up too fast. 

Jocelyn got her first tooth on May 17th 
(the same day we all had Dentist appts, she didn't want to be left out).
Her new tooth count is 4 and still rising
(2 bottom middle and 2 next to the front teeth, no front teeth yet).

Jocelyn Got a New Hair Do
 2 Piggies, instead of 1

Hayden Entertaining, Jocelyn Laughing

These 2 could brighten anyone's day :)

Aunt Ashley made Jocelyn New Hair Bows

 Summer Started with a Trip to 7 Peaks!!
 (Look at those cute chubby thighs)

 Harrison and Hayden

 Jocelyn and Hayden

Jocelyn has started to Stand on her own