Thursday, April 12, 2012

April (Easter)

I locked myself in the office to work on Primary stuff, 
but they still found me (I'm never alone).

Hayden couldn't decide if he wanted to be 
Buzz or Woody, 
so he was both.

We have started our yard...
Hayden riding in the Bobcat.

We got to outline our hands in the new RV pad. 


Here is a video recapping our Easter experience 
(beware it is about 8 min long):

Decorating Easter Eggs:

Ward's Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt: 

BYU Egg Hunt:

Easter Sunday:

Wearing our Spring colors!

April 9, 2012
Hayden wrote a story.
Well, he dictated it and I wrote it. We were in the office and he found post-it notes. He thought they looked like a big book and asked if he could draw on it. I said he could. After a few minutes he asked if I could write a story. So I told him that I would write, if he told me what to write. So here is Hayden's story...

"Once upon a time there was an egg and the egg rolled down the hill. Goofy and Donald chased after it to the Club House. "Got it" said Goofy and Donald, "We saved the day!" :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012



March 9
Kyle's Basketball Game, Rexburg ID:

March 13
2 Cute and Highly Spirited "Tids":

March 25
Mom's Early Easter Gift:
A Bike Trailer


March 16
Hayden's a Workin' Man:
"Does anyone need a helping hand? 
He works for candy!"

March 26
Rockin' it with Rylee

In the month of March, 
Hayden learned to write the letters "H" and "a". 
He also self-taught the letter "I", he said, "it's just like the letter H, but it's on it's side." :)


March 2
 Jocelyn Crawls:

March 20
Jocelyn's New Hair Do:

March 25
Jocelyn is Pulling herself to a Stand:

End of March
Jocelyn's Improved Crawling Skills:

Jocelyn is also eating real food (not baby food), cut into tiny chunks.
So far she has enjoyed Spaghetti and Meatballs, Beef Stew, and Eggs with Ham.
She also likes to strut around the house, while holding onto mommy's or daddy's fingers.
She pretty much thinks, she's the Queen. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


Yes, it is now April, Hayden is wearing shorts and baseball caps and Jocelyn got her first pair of jelly shoes. Hayden turned 3 in January, Jocelyn has been crawling for a month, and she is about to start walking. And I am so upset with myself that I haven't been blogging all their milestones. So now I've gone back 2 months and I'm going to re-cap the end of winter. Wish me luck and enjoy the slide show, with minimal captions.


Hayden the Musician:

Hayden Playing more 
Marble Works:

Celebrating 2 Friends' Birthdays in 1 Day:
 Harrison's Construction Party

Karson's Bowling Party:

 Valentine's Play Date:
Making Love "Bugs"
 Hayden Eating the Supplies

 Our Example "Bugs"

 Hayden's Bug

 Ava's Bugs

 Joseph Ate His Bug

 Ben is working on his

 Celeste and Noah

 Penelope's Beautiful Love "Bug"

 Harrison and Christa

And the Aftermath of the Play date:

Hayden Pedaling a Trike:


We found a Food that Jocelyn won't eat...

Jocelyn's Mobile:
A Fast Army Crawl
Up on All 4's

 Scooting in the Magazine Rack



Jocelyn Gets New Bows:

Thank you Amber!!