Saturday, May 14, 2011

BYU Poster

I just had to do a quick post about this BYU Poster.

Just a couple weeks ago, the Barfields visited Utah again. While they were here Eddie visited his old colleges at BYU. This poster/plaque was hanging in Eddie's old work building and it was time to replace it, so they decided to give it to Eddie.
But the REAL reason was because Eddie was IN the crowd:
And upon further inspection, so is Megan, Nick, and Brian!
How Cool is That! :)

Richfield 4-Wheeler Riding

Our first camping trip of the season was to Richfield.

Daddy and Hayden on the "crazy, orange one".

Hayden sportin' his new helmet and googles.
He was such a good boy about wearing such a heavy, odd helmet. I'm so proud of him. He looks so big in his new helmet.

A camping trip to Richfield means time with Grandpa Johnson.
Grandpa and Hayden enjoying ice cream.
It was a beautiful day for 4-wheeler riding and for a little ice cream.

While on a ride, we just had to stop to throw rocks in the stream
(one of Hayden's favorite activities).
I was worried about Hayden falling in, but Daddy was super cute and made sure that he was always safe. :)
While throwing rocks, Hayden started singing "Give Said the Little Stream" but he replaced the word, "hill" with "mountain". He is such a little smarty pants.
My Camping Boys

We are so excited for good weather. To get out of the city and to enjoy the fresh air!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


In preparation for Mother's Day, Hayden colored pictures for Grandma and Nana.
I was so amazed at his detail, that I decided to scan them so I could post them on Mother's Day.


As you can see he really tried to color things individually (the flowers pink, the leaves green...). My favorite is grandma's vase. I love how he tried to outline it.


He really did color these all by himself. I helped him pick out colors (he would have picked black and brown) and I told him what to color ("Let's Color the Flowers Yellow"). But besides that, it was all him, my hand did not touch his.

I'm super proud of my little guy; he amazes me all the time. He makes everyday a Happy Mother's Day.