Saturday, February 26, 2011


Friday morning we woke-up to 6-8 inches of snow. It slowly snowed 'til about 10am, when Brian decided to shovel the walks. So I bundled Hayden up and put on his never been worn snow boots and mittens. And the boys went outside to the Hayden-Knee Deep snow.

Even though we live in Utah and get SNOW all Fall, Winter, and Spring long; it was Hayden's first time playing in the snow.

Brian said that Hayden was exploring the whole time he was shoveling.

Hayden would take a GIANT step into the untouched snow and look all around at the smooth, clean glitter that surround him. Then he would take several steps, turn around and marvel at his tracks. He also loved when Daddy would 'make it snow' by shaking the tree branches. Hayden would say, "It's Snowin!".
On days like this I'm so grateful for a Healthy, Happy Little Boy that Explores and Learns and for a Great Husband that Takes Care of our Family and Loves his Little Boy.

Dishwasher Helper

Hayden is a Little Helper around the house.
Brian says that kids are "slaves in training" and Hayden is already making his Daddy proud. :)

Ways Hayden Helps:
1. Throws Away Trash
2. Cleans-up Toys
3. Puts Water Bottles in Fridge
4. Squirts Windex on Mirrors
5. Hangs his Potty Chair Up
6. Unloads Silverware from Dishwasher

Below is a Video of Hayden Putting the Silverware Away:
(He usually is a really good helper, and will almost always, comes close to finishing the silverware, but he is, after all, still a "slave in training".)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nana and Grandma Visits

We have had a couple of exciting weeks. Hayden has been spoiled by both Nana and Grandma!

Nana's Visit:
A Trip on the Heber Valley Railroad

Nana had bought the train tickets in advance, so we decided to go even though Hayden was sick. In most of the pictures Hayden has a dazed look. He was also super cuddly, which was great for Brian and I cause we didn't have to chase him up and down the train aisle.

Thank you Nana for the fun adventure.

Hayden being SUPER CUDDLY and Brian taking advantage of it (Brian's a sucker for Hayden Loves).

We even got to spend some time with Fluffy and her family.

Hayden being a Good Sport, even though he was sick.

Some scenery on the ride.

Our Little Family

Nana even took the time to teach Hayden a "Lay-Up" on his new basketball hoop:
(Did you notice Hayden wearing "Big Boy Underwear" when he did his 'Long Shot'? Yes! Hayden is on the Potty Training Journey.)

Grandma's Visit:
We only had a couple of days with Grandma, but Grandma took every chance to spoil the little guy. And Hayden took advantage of Grandma's spoiling. By the end of the first day Hayden was following Grandma around, or was it Grandma following Hayden.
Grandma let Hayden ride the Sports Car about a Zillion Times while Ashley and I shopped.

She also let him watch Word World a Zillion Times on the lap top or the iPad (whichever one was not in use). They made a Movie Night out of it by staying up past bedtime and by eating popcorn.

The day Grandma left, Hayden searched the whole house saying, "Where's G-wan-ma?" It was sweet and sad at the same time.

Thank you Nana and Grandma. It's so sweet of you to visit us and we had a blast making memories!