Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emily Miner Photography

A neighborhood friend is a photographer and asked the kids to come over so she could get new faces on her website. We were thrilled to come share our smiles. The pictures turned out so well, they are perfect for summer and the kids had a blast posing. Check them out: 

 My favorite of Jocelyn

 My favorite of Hayden

 He's such a Handsome Heartbreaker!

 She thinks she is SO BIG!

 My 2 Kids

Thank you Emily!
Visit Emily's site @

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amber and Emi Come

Thanksgiving Point Farm
with Walkers and Barfields 
 Hayden loves to ride the horses and on that day he picked the TALLEST horse there was
(watch out this kid has no fear). 


 Joshua and Jocelyn
(maybe next year you can go for a horsey ride)

Petting a Cute Baby Goat

 Jocelyn just LOVED the goat. She was so excited, her legs were just a squirmin' and she was "Oo, Oo, Oo" the whole time. She wanted to pick it up and give it cuddles and kisses. Every time I tried to take her away she tried to wiggle free. 

Rabbit Hutches
Jarom, Hayden, and Emi 
(Finally a Picture with Emi)

Ice Cream with Emi
 Emi is so adorable and sweet and there's Hayden, my HAM!

Bath Time
Good thing they're all little or else they wouldn't fit. 

Thanks for coming to visit Amber and Emi, we can't wait til next time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Colt and Addi Visit

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

 Hayden and Gavin

 Hayden, Colt, Gavin

Jessica, Joceyln, and Addi 

What Monkeys:

 oH So CuTE!!

Hayden's Leaf Boat:

Silly Boys:

The Secret Garden:
(my favorite)

 Gavin, Hayden, Colt, Addi, Jessica, and Jocelyn


Addi and Hayden's Famous, Delicious, ALL NATURAL...
CC Mud Cookies. 

Grandpa Johnson comes to see the new bride, Addi.

Camping with Colt and Addi

Colt took Jocelyn on her 1st 4-wheeler ride:
 (She wouldn't stop trying to pull her helmet off)

The best little camper/4-wheeler rider ever:
 Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden

Jocelyn's Helmet Do:
 Look closely at the top, middle of Jocelyn's helmet. Do you see her little pony-tail poppin' through? :0)

Jocelyn is the REAL camper. I remember Hayden hating to get dirty, what am I saying, he still hates to get dirty. But not Jocelyn, OH NO she plays, rolls and eats the dirt!