Saturday, September 1, 2012


Friends and 7 Peaks
Jarom, Hayden, and Harrison

Camping at Palisades

I brought the kiddie pool so I could keep Jocelyn away from the lake, 
and thank goodness, it worked!

Daddy and Hayden Mowing the Lawn

Washington Visit - Warrens
Riding the Toy 4-Wheelers

Matchy-matchy Cousins

Where is Waldo?

Pool Party 

Eating Carrots out of Grandma's Garden

Backyard Camp Out with Grandpa

Moses Lake Water Park

The County Fair

Washington Visit - Quigley's
Nana's Pool

Kacie's Bridal Shower

Brandon & Kacie's Wedding

Brian's 30 Year Bash
Brian surprised and 'hammered' 
by his younger siblings and cousins.

Nice "Birthday Princess" Sash
The theme of the party was to ROAST Brian. 
Nick and Ashley had some of the best 'roastings'.
-Michael Scott called, he wants his line back.
-Brian has shown the importance of going to school, now he needs to show the importance of graduating.
-Brian would have graduated by now, but they put that darn Krispy Kreme next to his school.
-Brian, I would make fun of your ADD, but you wouldn't pay attention that long. 

Another Pool Party with more Cousins
Sam, Hayden, and Jocelyn

New Car
Now I can go to Costco and Walmart ALL in the same trip! 
And yes, it is a Mini-van :(

Hayden's New 4-Wheeler

Hayden's First Day of Pre-School
Hayden with his new Backpack
While Hayden was getting ready for his first day of school, I overheard him say to Jocelyn, "Don't worry Honey, I'm just going to school. I'll be back soon." 
As soon as he returned from school, he went to Jocelyn and asked, "Did you miss me Fat Face?"
What a wonderful older brother :) 

Hayden holding supplies outside the school

Hayden and Ava Playing before School Starts

Hayden and Harrison

The Trio: Ava, Hayden, and Harrison


More Hayden Quotes:

There was a new kid in the neighborhood and Hayden asked me, "What's his name?". I told him, "I don't know." Hayden quickly replied, "Let's call him Tatter Butter, that's a good name!" 
(Nana: does it remind you of "Jeffy Mickleson"?)

There is a new stop light on our off-ramp. It is just perfectly positioned for Hayden to see when we leave the freeway. One day we were on the off-ramp and the light turned yellow as I was entering the intersection. Hayden yelled, "Yellow Means CRASH!" 

One day Hayden was frustrated and said, "CRAP!". I turned towards him and asked, "What does that even mean?" he answered, "It means to freak out".