Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2010 Summer Snapshot

Here are some photos from our busy, but FUN Summer.

Fairview Camping (8-5-10)
Our Little Happy Camper

The reason Fairview is my favorite spot:

(Kianna, David, Brian and Jessica)

Brian to the Rescue!
(David was Driving)

(Uncle Dave, Kianna, David, Gavin, Aunt Tina, Shirsten, Hayden, Brian, and Jessica)

A quick shelter from the rain.

Dino Museum with Jarom (8-10-10)

"I need a closer look."

Ride 'Em Cowboys

"Mom, Look at those TEETH!"

Time to replenish the little tummy:
WHOOPS! Wrong end silly!
Hayden calls it ice cream WITH "cookie".

The Dino Museum is Hard Work for such Little Guys:

Our Little Gardener (8-11-10)

"I just need a little drink."
It's really hot out here and I'm working so hard."

"The plants don't need that much water."
Next time I'm going to hire a gardener that takes less water and bathroom breaks. :)

Bird Sanctuary with Ryan (8-18-10)
"Mom, this is so boring.
The bird isn't even flying. It's just sitting there."

"Now this is my kind of fun, throwing rocks!"

Karen feeding the birds.

Hayden, Karen and Birds

Miniature Golfing with Jamie (8-25-10)
(Hayden, Shirtsen, Aunt Tina, and Jamie)

"Look at all that 'mummy'!"

He thinks he's so BIG!

Hayden's favorite ride:

I don't think that's how you play, silly boy.

Juggling with Pops (8-26-10)

The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point
with Nana (8-31-10)

"I HATE pictures. Put me down, I have rocks to throw."

There he is, happy as can be, throwing rocks.

Whoa! I don't think you can throw that rock!

Watching the Goldfish

Feeding the Goldfish with Nana

Hayden's Heaven:
A pond where you're suppose to throw things in.

Some more fun!

Hogle Zoo with Nana (9-6-10)

(Did you notice the Big and Little BYU Fan?)

Such a silly, goofy, little CUTIE!

California Golf Retreat (9-10-10)
Brian and I visited Palm Springs for the weekend, while Nana watched Mr. Bo-Bayden.

Brian played the PGA West Stadium Course and shot a 78!

A SUNBEAM (9-13-10)
Hayden started going to nursery in July.
Since then he has folded his arms for prayer and learned the "Beam" Song:

We hope everyone had a great SUMMER too!
We'll see ya'll this FALL.