Monday, August 2, 2010

Hansen Family Reunion

Another Camping Trip,
but this time it was The Hansen Family Reunion, in Weber County.

Brian fit right in with my family (in more ways then one).
"Competition Time Boys!"
Brian gearing-up for Horse Shoes.

Brian in action.

The Horse Shoe Spectators:
Natasha, Grandpa (in the back), Cami holding Hayden, Trista, and Travis.

Hayden giving Daddy some Good Luck.

Brian with his Horse Shoe Partner.
(We don't remember his name,
but he was family and more importantly he was good!)

The partnership made it to the Semi-Finals:
Trista and Travis vs. Brian and ?

Trista and Brian Competing for the Finals

Brian Concentrating Super, Duper Hard.

Brian and his partner (that sounds gross, don't take it that way) were beat out by Trista and Travis Nicholes. It was an intense game that continually went back and forth for the lead. But hey, Brian made it to the Semi-Finals on his first Family Reunion Horse Shoe Game!
Good Job Daddy, We are so Proud!

Mom and Hayden watching the Bottle Rocket Games.

Bottle Rocket Games

Mom and Hayden playing in the creek next to the camp ground; it seems like we always find water to play in.

Our Creek Buddies: Trenton, Travis, and Trista.

BIG SURPRISE: Daddy even joined us!

Hayden doesn't get to spend much time with Daddy in the water, so he LOVED that Daddy was with him. He showed Daddy ALL of his throwing rock Tricks.

Hayden and Daddy so Happy!

The Family Reunion Auction:

While we waited for the Auction to begin Hayden entertained us with his newly found "jumping" skills:

He's Such a HAM!

Hayden wouldn't sit with Brian and I, he had to sit with all of the little cousins.

Right Next to his little, cousin, girlfriend Tiffany.

Soon ALL the little cousins sat in front and HAYDEN was having a HAY-DAY.

He was so excited, that he just couldn't sit still...

Until, he found the Perfect Spot.
Notice it is next to the pretty, little, blonde girl :)

Hayden enjoying a "BALL-OO-OO-N" (Sucker) during the Auction.

All the Little Girls, including myself, bidding for cute little hair bows.

The Frank Warren Family part of the Family Reunion.
Front Row: Tianna, Tiffany, Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Richard
Middle Row: Uncle Stan, Travis, Tenton, Trista, Cami, Carlin, Uncle Pat, Natasha, and Nathan
Back Row: Shauna, Aunt Alice, Jessica, Brian, Hayden, and Aunt Carrie

Thank You Todd Family for putting a Great Reunion Together!

Idaho Dunes

We have been having so much Summer Fun.
Here are more camping pictures.
This time in Idaho at the Dunes near Rexburg.

Gavin, Hayden, and Shirsten playing in the small lake located in the middle of the sand dunes, very cool!

"Watch-Out Hayden!"

Shirst getting wet so I don't have to (I get to take pictures)!

"I meant to do that!"

What a Handsome, Little Lake Swimmer.

Ready, Set, "GO"!
(Hayden throwing Rocks)

Another "Ready, Set, GO"!
Watch-out Shirsten.

The other lake spectators:
Brian, Uncle Dave, Aunt Tina, and David.

(It was the coolest/most unexpected thing to have small, beautiful lakes in the middle of the desert/sand dunes to help you cool off. We had so much fun in them.)
This time Uncle Colt joined the camping group.
(he finished his finals and came to celebrate with us!)

Hayden, Jessica, and Colt
(squirting Hayden with a water gun).

Uncle Dave, Colt, Shirsten, David, and Gavin playing water games.
(Gavin could walk across the whole lake, so it was perfect for even the little people. I'm telling you it was the COOLEST thing ever!)

Mom and Hayden watching the games.

Hayden learning how to work the Squirt Gun.

Hayden discovered mud, but didn't like it too much.
(Do you see his hands, he's trying to wipe them off on his shorts.)

Hayden didn't want to be done.
He loves, Loves, LOVES the water.

While we were camping, Brian's cousins came to play/ride with us.

Daegan (Audrey's little boy) and Hayden playing in the sand.

Audrey, with Tayci, Daegan and Hayden
watching the Daddies ride in the sand.

Daddy and Hayden

Hayden, Tayci, and Daegan having an evening snack before saying goodbye.

The 2 Little Riding Buds!

It's a new day. A clean slate...
Well Hayden didn't last too long, so much for the bath the night before.
I don't think he likes the taste of sand too much.

Brush him off and give him some water, we're going for a ride.

Hayden and Shirsten watching the boys play in the sand.

Brian is the spec on the top of the hill, I don't know who the motorcyclist is but he helped create a good picture.

The boys (Brian is front left), watching the motorcycles doing some crazy tricks.

Chandler, David, Brian, and Gavin admiring/taking a rest.

That evening we rode out to watch the Races.
Brian, Shirtsen, Hayden, and Aunt Tina.

Colt, Uncle Dave, and David.

And a picture of the whole group watching the races.
Front Row: Shirsten, David, Cameron, and Colt
Back Row: Hayden, Brian, Aunt Tina, Chandler, Gavin, Uncle Dave, and Kyle
Not Pictured: ME (The photographer).