Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Don't Break the Ice

Jocelyn Thinking She is Big Like her Brother...

New Camera

Brian bought the family (Me) a new Camera. 
It was suppose to be for Christmas, but he thought I could use it for ALL the Holidays! :)

Just testing it out on the cutest kids...

Donut Morning

"What? Pictures Again!... But I didn't do my hair.

 ...OK, as long as I can eat donuts."

 Is that Donut BIG ENOUGH?

"Food makes me HAPPY!" 

 Can you tell what part Hayden likes best?

"OOW! I Ate Too Much!" 

First Big Snow

Hayden LOVED it.

Jocelyn CRIED... 

...And SCREAMED...
...The WHOLE Time. 

Next Morning...
Even after a good night's rest, she still hated it. 

But NOT Hayden, 
he had more energy and more daylight to spend.
 Throwing Snowballs
(I guess if you jump, while throwing a snowball, it makes it go further! NOT!!)

 Having a Little Snack
Hayden the SNOWMAN 

 Thigh Deep in Snow

(The only time Jocelyn WAS NOT crying).

 Home-Made Fruit Turkeys

 Hayden made a Turkey at Preschool...
...He loved it so much that we decided to make some at home...

(I like Hayden's, it looks like it's about to take off). 

Grandpa & Grandma Come Bearing Gifts

Grandpa and Grandma came for Thanksgiving and they Spoiled the Kids...

 Jocelyn got a Cabbage Patch Doll ("beebee")...

 ...with spoon, fork and bowl; and a "beebee" blanket.

And Hayden got "Elf on a Shelf"

Thanksgiving Day

Day After Thanksgiving with Warren Family

 Hayden went with Grandpa to Cabela's, for Black Friday, and scored a FREE hat. 

 Hayden playing games with his second cousins, and LOVIN' it.

My Kids found a piano...

 And Drove Everyone NUTS!

The Extended Warren Family

Lights at Temple Square 

We saw more then 1 Full Moon...
 (Hayden sitting on Grandpa's shoulders)

Gingerbread House with Grandma

Grandma spoiling again...
 Jocelyn DEFIANTLY ate more than she put on the house.

 Hayden was actually a HELPER.

 Jocelyn Eating Again, Bag and ALL. 


Decorating the Christmas Tree

Hayden was SOO Excited...
 He couldn't even wait for the whole tree to be put together. 
 Hayden's Decorating Skills. It's called the "Clumping" effect. 

 Jocelyn was only interested in CLIMBING (no surprise there). 

Hayden was in the Christmas Mood...

End Result:

Mommy's Make-Up

One day Ava, Hayden's girl-friend, was playing dress-up with heels. She was "clunking" around with big, tall shoes. I noticed that Jocelyn was adoring her from afar. About 5 min later I saw Jocelyn shadowing Ava, walking on her tippy-toes.
Girls are just so much Fun!

Hogle Zoo with Walker Family

 Jocelyn, Hayden, Jarom, and Joshua 

"Where did it go?" 

Jocelyn's Favorite was the Seals...

Hayden's Favorite was the Tigers...

Snack while grocery shopping at Macey's.

Hayden participating at the BYU 'Zeum Art Class. 

Ava, Harrison, and Hayden at Movie Day with Preschool.

Hayden Quotes

I was tickling Hayden, when he shouts, "STOP! I'm too old for this."

Hayden has grown to love potty humor. (Wonder where he picked that up?) So the new rule in our house is No Potty Words (i.e. Fart, Poop, Pee, Butt) Unless You Are In The Bathroom.
One day, while sitting at the kitchen table Hayden starts to sing, "Poof and Pea, Poof and Pea..." He then turns and looks at me and says, "It's okay mom, I'm not saying Poop and Pee. I'm saying Poof and Pea, like the green thing you eat."
Where Does He Learn Stuff Like That?

On a warm day, we decided to go outside to play. While getting our shoes and jackets on Hayden asks, "Are there wasps outside?" I replied, "No, it's too cold". Hayden then said, "Are they freezing because they don't have jackets?"
(I guess only yellow-jackets survive the winter) 

Hayden was asked at Preschool what his favorite food is for Thanksgiving. He told his teacher, "Honey Nuts" (honeynut cheerios) 

While in the bath, Hayden said, "I have hair on my legs. I guess I'm almost a daddy. Soon I'll have whispers." (whiskers) 

One evening Brian asked Hayden if he had written a letter to Santa. Hayden looked at Brian and exclaimed, "I'll write him an H, that's a letter ya know!" :)
Brian then explained and helped Hayden write a lot of letters to Santa.  

Hayden wants a "Four-R-ee" for Christmas from Santa.