Monday, November 15, 2010

Hayden's Brainwashed

Daddy didn't have to go to work til later in the day, so we had the opportunity to hang-out with him this morning. Part of Brian's morning routine is to watch the "Price is Right". So while we were watching the "Price is Right" and eating our cereal around the breakfast table, an AARP commercial came on. This is what our Little Ham said while watching the AARP commercial...

I think AARP just hooked their youngest customer!

He's such a HAM. Brian and I couldn't stop laughing, so Hayden continued to perform (that is how we were able to record him). He reminds me of Brian every time he performs like this!

Potty Candy

On Wednesday, November 10th,
Hayden Bo-Bayden TINKLED in the Toilet.

Here's the story:
Hayden has been peeing in the bathtub (after the water is drained) for the last month. He thinks it's great to say, "Mom, look pee!" while he is pushing a streamline of urine into the tub.
Well, on Wednesday I got Hayden out of the tub before I had drained the water. As soon as he was wrapped in his towel he asked for "CANDY" (he had seen his Halloween Candy earlier in the day). So I jumped on the opportunity to have him pee in the toilet. I told Hayden that if he went pee in the toilet, I would give him have some candy. He was more than happy with the agreement. So I tried sitting him on the toilet seat, which freaked him out; so instead I stood him on the toilet seat (like Daddy). Almost immediately his stomach sucked in and he tinkled in the toilet like a BIG BOY!

Here is Hayden enjoying his Potty Candy:

The BIG BOY, Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden: