Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Like Dad

I want to be just like Dad when I grow-up!

Go Cougars!

Mom and I went to BYU last Thursday. 
It was my first time on campus. 
Aunt Ashley had a break so we met her for ice cream at the WILK. 

Afterwards we went to the JFSB Courtyard. 
It was such a beautiful, sunny day.

I forgot my sunglasses. 
So I borrowed Mom's. 
They were just a bit too big, but I look cute in just about anything!

I had lots of fun with Aunt Ash, she is just so great!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Time Adventures

I've been having lots of fun. 
I think it's because mom and dad think I'm big enough to do "Big Kid" things. Plus the doctor said that at 2 months my immune system is stronger. (I feel pretty strong, I think my guns are shaping well.)
I've had a lot of "first time adventures" this past week. 
It started off with the mall. I went with mom. It was pretty boring, so I slept the whole time.
Next, I went to the movies. I saw Bedtime Stories. Mom and dad said it was really good, but I'll have to see it again because I accidently slept through it.

My next adventure was a walk. It was such a beautiful spring day, so dad came home early from work and we all went for a walk. It was the first time I had been in the sun for longer than a minute. The sun felt so warm and comforting that I... can you guess?... feel asleep.

On Sunday I went to church for the first time. It was Stake Conference so it was in the Provo Tabernacle and I got to go with Uncle Blake. The music was so peaceful, it put me right to sleep. (But at least I wasn't alone. There were plenty others, and just not kids, snoring along with me.)

I went to the park for the very first time. I went with Uncle Nick and Aunt Ashley. I was so excited, but on the way to the park...I feel asleep in my car seat. I wanted so badly to wake-up and have fun, but I was so tired. 
I didn't even wake-up when Uncle Nick took me down the slide!

Dad had a basketball game last week so I got to go and watch. It was my very first basketball game (besides the ones I've seen on TV, which I've been watching since day 2 of my life). I had lots of fun and it was the only adventure that I didn't fall asleep for! Which proves mom's theory of me liking basketball better than golf (but I haven't been golfing yet - grandpa when is our tee time?) 

All-in-all I had a good week, I like doing "Big Kid" things. Maybe when I'm a little older I'll stay awake and actually enjoy them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Boy

I can't believe how fast he grows. 
He no longer has to wear the brace and now he thinks he is such a "Big Boy".

He has finally out grown his newborn clothes and is now wearing "Big Boy" clothes (0-3 month). The 0-3 month clothes are still a little too big, but the newborns were too tight on his little milk gut. To celebrate the "Big Boy" event I went and bought him 2 new pairs of pants (jeans and khakis) and he looks so adorable in them. He has even moved up to size 1 in diapers.

Hayden thinks that he is such a "Big Boy" because he can hold his binky in all by himself.

He doesn't need mom or dad any more...

...until he knocks it out and can't get it back in.
(Don't worry grandmas we didn't let him cry too long)!

His "Big Boy" attitude is great for mom and dad because he is now entertaining himself. We can lay him on a blanket and he will get his arms and legs moving so fast that we don't have to waste batteries on the vibrating chair, he rocks himself. 

Our little boy is growing up too fast. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hayden's Tricks

Hayden is a Big Surpriser
Everyday he amazes Brian and I with all his tricks.

Hayden's first big trick was to roll. Hayden rolled from his belly to his back at less than 4 weeks old. It wasn't his strength and determination that flipped his body over, it was his stubbornness (which he gets from his dad, and maybe just a little from me). 
At Hayden's 2 week appointment the doctor told us to have Hayden do "Tummy Time". So immediately we went home and put Hayden on his belly. HE HATED IT! He cried and cried. On February 12th I put Hayden on his stomach for some "Tummy Time". Instead of crying he started to grunt. All of a sudden Hayden was on his back. He was stubborn enough to get off his belly. I didn't think he could do it again, but he did! He pushed himself onto his back. It was amazing! I had him do it at least 8 times because I couldn't believe my eyes and each time he did it he had a little smile of satisfaction and a look of "you can't make me do something I don't want to do". 

Hayden's second trick, which suckers his parents into being his slave, is his gigantic SMILE. About a week ago Hayden started to smile when we tickled his lips and cheeks. Now he is starting to smile when we talk and goo-goo over him. 
I just think he has the most adorable smile in the world (but I am bias, I'm his mother).

For Hayden's next trick he will reenact a story. (Story told by Brian K. Quigley). 
Hayden is so cheery in the morning. He loves to look, move, and tell silent stories. He will start to move so energetically that it looks like he is trying to tell us something important. Brian just recently started narrating Hayden's actions.
He reminds me of Ariel on The Little Mermaid when she looses her voice and communicates through actions. He will be a terrific teammate for Charades when he gets older!

His most recent trick has been to use his little chicken legs. 
Hayden loves to stand and look all around. I'm amazed at how strong his little legs are.


Last Friday, Uncle Nick put his hat on Hayden. 

All of a sudden Hayden became a Nintendo character.

Hayden is now good buds with Baby Mario. 
But Baby Mario is a little jealous because Hayden is better looking in an overgrown hat.


Hayden is a SPITTER-UPPER. 
It got so bad last week that we went to the doctor. After assessing Hayden the doctor decided that Hayden has acid-reflex. (Supposedly a lot of infants have this problem). The doctor prescribed Hayden some medicine to help with the discomfort. But the medicine does not cure the spit-upping. I was really disappointed when the doctor told me that Hayden was still going to "puke" all over his cloths, me, and sometimes even the furniture. (It was really frustrating changing Hayden several times a day because his clothes smelt like sour milk).
Finally I got smart, which is rare these days due to lack of sleep and not having any brain cells left from the pregnancy. I decided to put a bib on Hayden (what a genius idea)! 
This has worked really well. Instead of changing his outfit a million times each day I just change out his bib. Now the only real problem I have is matching his bib with his outfit :) .  

Look at my boy. 
He is getting so big and he is more adorable then ever!


Hayden has the genes of a Quigley. So he is destined to play sports.

I just think he will like football better then golf when he's older.
What do you think?

Sorry Grandpa Quigley :(


It has been so much fun to see Brian become such an awesome dad.
Him and Hayden have so much in common already.

They both LOVE basketball.

Sleeping is a favorite for both.

Watching TV is a favorite pass-time.

And they both uphold the Quigley name by sharing their bodily functions with the rest of us. 
(Brian is better at farting, but Hayden has him beat on burping).

Hayden couldn't ask for a better father. 


One of Hayden's nicknames is the "FROGGER".

Hayden was born with hip dysplasia (hip socket pops in and out of place). So he wears a brace to keep his hip in place while it finishes fusing together. 
Hayden wore the brace ALL THE TIME for his first 2 weeks of life. Now he only has to wear the brace at night. 
This Friday Hayden gets on ultrasound on his hip. If his hip has finished fusing and is in the right place then he doesn't have to wear the brace anymore, Yeah! But the brace has created a very cute and fun nickname for our little boy!  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Greatest Joy

"Handsome Hayden" is the REAL reason we started our blog. He was born on Saturday, January 17th. He weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19 inches long.

From the very beginning he has surprised us. I had a C-section because Hayden thought it would be great to turn and put his butt down. But his surprise made it easier on me :)! I had him in my arms in less than 4 hours after my water breaking. 

Since his birth, he has continued to surprise both his dad and mom. We are so happy to have Hayden be part of our lives.

FINALLY Started a Blog!

We finally decided to start a blog so family and friends could watch our family grow. 
Here are some photos of our family beginnings. 
(We certainly don't look like this anymore :)
Married December 23, 2004
Honeymooned in Disneyland.