Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013

Maui Vacation

First picture in Maui. 
We had just got off the 6 hour plane flight at midnight (Utah time).

Our first adventure in Hawaii was trying to get a rental car. It took us 90 minutes (no exaggeration), and we were SECOND in line!! I got my first dose of "Hawaiian Time". The attendent's phrase, when asked how much longer, was, "We're moving right along". That phrase has become a little inside joke, whenever something that shouldn't take too long is taking WAY too long, we say, "We're moving right along". We must have used the phrase quite a lot since coming home because just yesterday Hayden was SLOWLY eating his dinner and when I asked him how much longer, he replied, "I'm moving right along!"

What a great way to start the morning.

Brian taking Pops on a dry-run before our snorkeling excursion.

Luau Dinner:
Karen and Ken

Tihitian Dance:

Fire Dance:

Early morning walk on the beach.

PGA Tour at the Plantation Course on Maui:

Snorkeling Excursion:
The water was SO Choppy that both Ken and I puked our guts out :(

But I thought it was worth it, because not only did we snorkel but we spotted whales:

And dolphins:
Next time we go, I just pray that the water will be calmer :)

Dinner at Kimo's
A Yummy Little Burger Joint!

Girls Shopping and Boys Walking on Front Street:

Just sportin' our new hats. 
Brian got a Kapalua, Plantation Course cap and I bought a Fedora hat. 

We took a skinny, long, windy, sickening road to get to the Blow Hole and the weather greeted us with enormous WIND!

Jessica at the Blow Hole

Brian at the Blow Hole

Dinner and a Magic Show at Warren and Annabella's 

The first Magic Show.

The second act. 
Which included me as an assistant!

Three days after the PGA Tour left, Pops and Brian played the Planation Course!
Pops on the eighteenth hole.

Brian finishing-up his best golf course experience ever. 

Ken and Brian waving to Karen and I watching from the balcony restaurant. 

Ken and Brian on the green at the 18th hole.

What a great Once in a Life Time EXPENSE!

Zip Lining on the North Shore at Maui Camp:

Eating at Mama's Fish House
Brian and Jessica

Karen and Pops

Brian wearing his new shirt from Baba Gump's that his Mama bought for him.

Good-bye wonderful, warm, no complaints weather...
...Hello snow, reality, and kids!

Pictures of the Kids from Megan while we were visiting Maui:
Nana bought them each a new coloring book and crayons. Thank you Nana for the entertainment.

Sam and Jocelyn eating a nutritious, balanced meal of Chicken Nuggets :)

"Sam Boy" and Hayden wearing their matchy-matchy pj's.

A little "night out on the town" at McDonald's Play Place.

Hayden trying to blow FROZEN bubbles.

Time to get out of the house again! Chuck-E-Cheese with cousin Coco.

Three Squeaky Clean Kids

Hayden's 4th Birthday

Hayden took chocolate, sprinkle donuts to preschool on his birthday!
What a handsome Hayden and a big plus, he comes with DONUTS!!

Family and friends celebrated Hayden's birthday on the following Saturday.
Brian and I wrapped all of Hayden's presents the night before and left the pretty little pile on the counter. Hayden woke me the next morning with an unwrapped present in hand! 
So we let him unwrap a couple more before party time.

Love the expression of excitement! 
Booyah! Angry Bird golfballs!

Party Time at the Bowling Alley:
Hayden is a great bowler, when the gutter bumpers are up and he uses a bowling ball slide. 
Jocelyn sharing in Hayden's excitement.

Little Joshua taking a turn.

Ava's first bowl

Kayden and Ty-Ty patiently waiting for their turn.

Tyler and Jarom going for the Strikes...

...Well maybe a Spare!...

...Oh man, guess not! Better luck next time.

Hayden's Victory Dance

Ava gracefully pushing the ball down the slide.

Birthday Boy Bowling

Little Girl's Turn

Good Job!

Everyone's having a good time.

Jocelyn and Brian

Kayden, the real man, no ball slide. Look at that form!

Let's refuel, Cupcake Time:

The Birthday Group: Harrison, Tyler, Hayden, Ava, Kayden, Melissa Kate, and Jarom.

Let's finish up the game:
Ava and Jarom

Harrison wearing his lucky birthday hat. 

The Birthday Bowler

Little Ones get a turn:


Time to Open Presents:
Harrison and Hayden

Ava, Hayden, and Jarom

Everyone checking-out the goods.

Pictures with Hayden and friends:
Hayden and long-time friend Jarom

Hayden with ruff and tough Harrison

Hayden and " 'Lissa Cake" (Melissa Kate)

Hayden and Little Miss Ava

Hayden with good neighbors Kayden, and Tyler

It was a fantastic 4th Birthday Party. Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with Hayden. 

Hayden came home and opened all his gifts from Mom and Dad. 
It was hard to shop for a little boy that had just visited Disneyland and then celebrated Christmas. So Brian and I got him all the silly, nonsense things that Hayden has been wanting (the angry bird golfballs from earlier that day). 

Bubble Gum Balls

Bubble Gum Machine/Piggy Bank

Filling the Bubble Gum Macine with Gum Balls.
Jocelyn, "Please, please"

Jocelyn chewing and swallowing a gum ball (Dad couldn't resist her pleading charm). 

Hayden super duper excited about the silly machine. 

A BYU basketball.
Ever since he got his cousin, Sam, a BYU basketball for Christmas, he has been begging for one of his own. 

Jocelyn helping her brother with unwrapping.

"What's in there big brother? Any more candy?"

Hayden finished the day by opening his present from Grandpa, Grandma and the Wright's. It was a set of big boy Legos! 
Thank you everyone who made Hayden's birthday a special day.

Jocelyn Update

Jocelyn has found her room much more interesting since Christmas. She loves to play kitchen, babies, and shopping. 

After returning from Hawaii, Jocelyn's hair seemed out of control. So I tried full pig tails!
And now she has a fourth way to wear her hair! (1. Down and swooped to the side with clip; 2. Half Pig Tails; 3. FULL Pig Tails; and 4. Dad's preferred hair-do: Crazy Morning Hair.)
Girls are too much fun!

Hayden earns a sticker (which becomes 10 cents) when he reads a book to Jocelyn. And Jocelyn LOVES it!
I love to listen to Hayden. Sometimes his memory of the story is pretty good, other times it is a pure Hayden made-up story. Either way his little sister is always attentive.

Jocelyn's First Trip to Discovery Gateway:
The night before, I overheard Hayden telling Jocelyn, "You're going to love it, it's so much fun!"...

...And Hayden was right, she had a blast.

Hayden escorted Jocelyn around to the different exhibits. He was so excited to show her the ropes. 

Hayden couldn't wait to show Jocelyn the helicopter on the roof, he was hoping she would love it, just as much as he does. 

Hayden is smiling down at Jocelyn from the horse. Like I said, he palled around with her, making sure she was having a good time. 

Jocelyn's favorite exhibit was the wind tunnel:

The plastic balls were low, so the boys climbed into the bin in order to get the balls out. Resourceful, but silly! :)

One difference between the first and second child is that the second grows-up so much quicker then the first. And it's because the second is always trying to keep-up with the first. 
Jocelyn reading to her dolls, just like Hayden reads to her. 

I couldn't wish for a cuter little girl!

Growth Updates

Jocelyn had her 18 month appointment and Hayden his 4th year. Surprisingly, both of them have changed a ton. In the past, Hayden has been about 70% in height and 30% in weight (tall and skinny). At his 4 year appointment he was 50% in height and weight (he's average for both). I guess this means that I don't have to worry about force-feeding him at every meal. Jocelyn, in the past has been short and chubby. Well, this time her height didn't changed but her weight did. She was about 20% for height, weight, and head circumference. The doctor said that she was a proportionate, petite little girl. She's just a perfect little package.  

Hayden Quotes:

While in Maui, Megan had a couple of "Hayden Quotable" Moments: 
1. "When I'm a daddy I'm going to go to Hawaii. I have never even been there!"
2. After having a play date with some friends, he returned home and asked Megan, "Did Sam cry for me when I know because he missed me?"
3. After Jocelyn and Sam went to bed, Hayden watched a show on PBS about how to do stretches with babies. Hayden was practicing the stretches and said, "I can do these with the babies tomorrow." :)
Megan had a little hoot on her hands. 

Jocelyn has started Nursery. So one Sunday, after church, Brian, Hayden, and I were talking to Jocelyn about what she did during nursery. During our discussion we started sining, "If you're happy and you know it". After singing the first couple of verses (clap your hands, stomp your feet) Hayden belted-out his own verse, "If you're happy and you know it, check your pants!". 
(Who's boy is this? Oh yeah, Brian's.) 

Like I've said in earlier posts, Hayden is a gassy kid. One day after farting in my room, and leaving a horrible funk. I said, "why are you farting?". He replied, "I can't fart in my room, cause it will stink." All I can say is, "I don't like it, but he's right."