Saturday, March 27, 2010

WA TRIP (March 8-23)

Colt's Birthday:
First night in Washington:
Happy Birthday Uncle Colt!

"I just love un-wrapped presents!"

4-Wheeler (Hayden Size):

"Huffy, you try it out first. Just in case."

"Uncle Colt showed me how to be safe, while having fun; but my mom says that he's not the best example for the first. Oh Well! At least it was lots of Fun."
(He took me down the slide, while riding my 4-wheeler. I should have listened to my mom.)

4-Wheeler Video:
(Sorry no showing of the 4-wheeler going down slide.)
(We love you Colt!)

To Grandma's House We Go:
Playing Outside with Grandma.

3 good things wrapped in 1:
Outside and

Would you like to try?

But I can do it ALL by myself, I don't need any help!"
"Never mind, you do a better job."
Bubbles are Simply Magic!

Just the Right SLIDE:
Video of Hayden Sliding:

Pucker for the Pickles:

Red Robin with Nana:
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Red Robin.
Left to Right:
Chelsea (in car seat, can't see too well), Rachel, Kyler, Karen (or Fluffy), Nana,
BALLOON, and Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden.

Video with Red Robin Balloon:
He just LOVES Balloons!

Hayden with his very special St. Patrick's Day Balloon.

A picture with Mama;
but as you can tell he didn't want me, he wanted, can you guess?,

Picture with Nana, while holding his BALLOON,
with a look of concern, "don't take my balloon away for another picture, please."

Nana, Hayden, and Mama
(Hurry! Quick! Take the picture before he notices the missing BALLOON! Phew!)

Duck Pond:

Can you believe it?
The BALLOON followed us all the way from Red Robin to the Duck Pond! ;)

He caught-on real quick: I run, they run; I run faster, they run faster!
"OOH! This is so much FUN!"

This was the only time Hayden ran away from the Geese.
(He was trying to protect his precious BALLOON!)

Duck Pond Video:

Shopping with Nana:
"I really didn't want to, but..."
"...well I'm a SUCKER for candy!"

Shopping with a Sucker is so much better (on both sides)!

Crafts with the Ladies:

I was too busy, and having too much fun, to remember to take a picture of all of the ladies hard at work. But I did get a picture of some of the finished projects.
Pretty Cute, huh?

Cleaning with Nana:
One afternoon, Hayden found Nana playing in the laundry room.
He decided that he wanted to play too:

Something I can finally enjoy, with a male, and not be ashamed."
"Golf is #1!"

Pops took Hayden on at least 1 ride a day. Hayden got so used to the exciting ride that he would immediately go to the back door when Pops arrived after work. And then point to the cart shed once outside. They had a great time finding ducks, looking for golf balls, driving the cart, and doing some male bonding.

"See ya later, alligator!"
We miss you WA;
with your nice weather, fun adventures, and fantastic company!