Monday, May 18, 2009

Washington Weekend

Hayden and I are in Washington. My parents are picking up my brother from his mission in Brazil, so Hayden and I went north to help out my sister, Jamie. 

Last Friday Hayden took his first plane ride. While we were waiting for our plane to leave, Hayden entertained the sitting area. He is such a social bug, he would stare at someone until they looked at him, he would then grin until that person smiled back (which didn't take long because his smile is too cute). He would then move on to the next victim. He went around and around smiling at each individual sitting in the waiting area. It is so cute to see his little personality developing, he reminds me of his dad so much (a little entertainer and a social bug). When we boarded the plane he had to eat and then nap, so it worked out perfectly. He woke up just as we were exiting the plane. It was a great experience, I would take it over driving 12 hours any day!
Jamie had Prom on Saturday. We helped her get ready for the big event. I think she looks pretty good. Here are some pictures of Jamie and her prom date, Chris. 

(Hopefully you realized that it's not Chris next to Jamie, it's me.)

Hayden is having a great time in Washington. Grandma got him a new swing to sit in while he visits. But the swing should come with an operator warning. If the swing is put on high Hayden might just fly out (the batteries have some juice). When we tried the swing out for the first time Jamie turned it on high, not knowing the strength of the swing, and Hayden had his first carnival ride followed by an encore of spit-up.

(This picture was taken before the 'wild ride'.)

Hayden has been making lots of new friends with Jamie's stuffed animals. He loves the texture. (If you look close you can see Hayden's arm around Hoppy.)

Since arriving in Washington, Hayden has been practicing a new trick. He hasn't quite perfected it, but it's still cute watching him practice. He has been taking his binky out for the last couple of weeks but now he is trying to put it back in. While practicing he usually gets the wrong part in his mouth. Sometimes he keeps trying, other times he gives up and sucks whatever part he can get.

One of the great benefits of visiting Washington is all the extra help. Here is a picture of Hayden with his Uncle Brandon.
 (If anyone knows of a hot girl, looking for a returned missionary who is great with kids, I know just the guy. Call me and I'll hook you up!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

If he's not PLAYING then he's POOPY

Hayden has started to recognize toys, sometimes the "toy" is unconventional, but he entertains himself just the same. It is very rewarding to watch him have a great time. 

His first and best "toy" has been his fingers. He LOVES them. 
Recently, he has been blowing bubbles with his spit while sucking on his fingers 
(very talented, I wonder if the Circus would want him).

His second best friend is his burp rags. It's fun to watch him reach for it and then ATTACK.
 He thinks he's a little monster - he will get so excited that he curls into a ball grunting and shoving the rag into his mouth. 
(I wonder if the zoo has an opening.)

Hayden's newest friend is Maxi, the Lion. The orange, soft, and cuddly stuffed animal is the same size as Hayden. When I put Maxi next to Hayden he can't wait to SHOVE his soft, yellow mane into his mouth, just like everything else. 
(I bet Hayden will be great at boy scout camp when they play "CHUBBY BUNNY".)

Here's another picture of Hayden EATING more toys!

And for the grand finale, Hayden is performing his "strong legs" trick.
Hayden has loved his bouncy chair from the beginning, but recently he has discovered that the chair is more then just music and bubbles, it's also a great leg work-out. He will put his legs on the front toy and push as hard as he can, then he relaxes, and then !surprise! he pushes again and again and again. He can entertain himself for at least 20 minutes. 
(I wonder if the gym will take him as a weight trainer.) 

If Hayden is not busy having fun, then usually he's just plain poopy. But it's a cute kind of poopy because he can't decide if he wants to be happy or sad, it's very cute (watch the video).


Here's a, not very good, picture of HAYDEN'S POOPY LIP, since he didn't show it in the video. If Hayden's Grandpa Warren saw this he would say, "A bird's going to come poop on that lip if you don't put it back in!" 
(I wonder if the birds would want him!)