Sunday, April 11, 2010

SPRING brings: Sunshine, Sandals, and Smiles!

On Saturday we spent ALL of our time working on
our little, itty, bitty back yard/cement square.
We weeded, swept, planted, watered, fixed, and cleaned. And if you can believe it we spend approximately 8 hrs. on a 12 x 15 area
(we only had to go to Home Depot 3 times, chase Hayden 5 times, clean-up thrown dirt (Hayden) 3 times, and nap (Hayden again) twice).

To celebrate all of our hard work we ate dinner outside:

And played, played, played til the sun went down:

We even ate snacks outside:

This picture reminds me of how fast he grows.
Look at how tall he's getting.
But he's skinnier then ever
(if he runs long enough his pants slip right off).
He's just like his Uncle, Elder Kyle :)

We even snuck back outside after church.

Aren't they handsome? :)

I'm so grateful for Springtime; for the fun, smiles, and sunshine!

Little Update:
Hayden's Sidewalk Wipe-Out is healing nicely.
The scabs feel off yesterday and now he has a little pink nose.
Thank you Inventor of Neosporin and for all the Hugs and Kisses from WA!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sidewalk Wipe-Out

Yesterday was Hayden's First Sidewalk Wipe-Out!
It was so sad to see my little boy's perfect, precious face destroyed by rough, grainy cement;
but I know that it definitely won't be the last time.

Here is Hayden after we got him cleaned-up:
The Shininess is from Neosporin and tears.
Yes, that is blood on my shirt/apron, but you should have seen HIS shirt, talk about a battle wound, it looked like someone had shot him :)
The inside of his mouth bleed for about 5 minutes, so no permanent damage there. But the sidewalk "cheese-grated" the tip of his nose, upper lip, and chin, which left Hayden looking like he has a really, REALLY bad snotty nose, that leaks all the way down to his chin.

But even with a "cheese-grated" face
he was still happy-go-lucky as ever:

Grandma and Nana,
he may need some Hugs and Kisses sent to Utah!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A couple months ago I decided to make my "Stay At Home Mom" job more challenging and worthwhile. So I dove into the world of couponing. It's been hard, but rewarding. I'm nowhere near other couponing moms, but today I feel like I had a BIG SAVE. So I kinda want to brag.

I got all this for $0.31!
Oh! Plus the cost of a stamp ($0.44) to send in the rebate.
(The stamp is going to cost more then what I paid!)
So all-in-all, it was a pretty good day!

SHOUT OUT to all the Stay At Home Moms!! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

Here are some pictures and videos of the
Quigley's Easter Morning:

Looks Like the Easter Bunny Left Lots of Fluff for Us to Play In!

Video of Hayden's First Easter Egg Hunt:
"That was such a fun game. Can we play it again?"

"OK, let's check out this CANDY!"

"Dad, will you help me open them?"

"Hum, I think I've had these at Grandma's before."

Yep, I've had these before and they're GOOD!"

"I'll defiantly have another, please."

"Man, I went through those fast.
I wonder how many my mouth can hold."

Hayden with his new Sand Pail kit for camping at the Sand Dunes.
(Notice his cheeks full of candy).

Hayden with his new church clothes and swim suit.
(Again, with full cheeks.)

Easter Toys and Clothes from the Easter Bunny.

Mom's Easter:
Clothes and a Mirror.

Dad's Easter:
Golf Certificates
But right now he would need a bright pink ball to play :(

Video of Hayden Stuffing His Cheeks with More Candy (The Best Part of Easter):

Family Having an Easter Dinner:
Hayden, Blake, Megan, Nick, Ashley, Brian, and Jessica.

And later, we found the Easter Bunny leaving (seriously):
(I always imagined him as a caucasian).

Happy Easter Family and Friends!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy, Dancing, Talking Toddler

Update on the Teeth:

"I have 5 now! 4 on top and 1 on bottom."
Good-bye Uni-Toof-A-Saurus :(

Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden has his Mommy's Moves:

He loves to dance to anything that even remotely sounds like music.
(Even mommy singing!)

A Natural Dr. DooLittle:

"Daddy can we get a pet? Please!"

An Early Easter Celebration at Macey's Grocery Store:

A picture with the Easter Bunny.

Finding the Hidden Eggs in the Grocery Store.

Inspecting the Easter Eggs,
"I wonder what wonderful candy is hidden inside."

Putting the Eggs in his little Basket.

Going to Find the Next Easter Egg.
Move Out of His Way, He's a Man on a Mission!

At Home: Enjoying the Spoils of the Hunt.