Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Aunt Megan and Cousin Sam Visit

Sparklers with Kayden and Tyler

4th of July

Balloon Festival

Provo Parade

Break with Nana

Stadium of Fire

7 Peaks and the Boys (Pops, Brian, and Hayden)

Fire at the BYU 'Zeum

Jarom and Hayden got to see all the fire trucks and fire men at work.

Update of Jocelyn Walking

Hayden's Tee Ball

Happy Birthday Mom

"there's campfire on the cake"

New Dance Move

Jocelyn's 1st Birthday

Jocelyn is now Waving, saying "No, No" while shaking her head, giving High Fives, saying "Mama", Clapping, and giving Kisses. If Hayden is "bugging" her, she will BITE him. She also Barks like a Dog. And to fill-in any quiet time she makes a loud "HMMMM" noise, she's just testing my sanity and patience. 

Jocelyn's 1 year Professional Pictures:

St. Anthony's Camping

Shirsten and Hayden

The Sand Monster

Shirsten and Hayden on the Knee Board

Hayden and Kiana being "reckless" in the Baby Razor

David, Kiana, and Hayden 
throwing rocks at the stream

Mud Monster

Cookie Monster (with a side of sand)

Hayden, Gavin, and Britain 
making a new home for the captive Water Dogs

Sprinkler Party in the New Backyard

Watch out, she's armed and dangerous!

 New neighbors and friends

Jocelyn, Kayden, and Hayden


Hayden was being silly (like normal) and I asked, "Where did we get you?". He replied, "from Heaven, Jesus made me handsome." :)

I was vacuuming and asked Hayden for help. He says, "No, I'm so sick of tired."

Hayden comes into my bathroom one morning, petting his hair and declares, "My hair's gettin' outside!" (I think he meant 'out of control'). I just laughed and laughed.

On a gloomy, rainy day Hayden said, "I'm sugaring" (shivering?