Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

"Happy Turkey Day Everyone!"
"Here's just a sneak peek of my first Thanksgiving."

"Dad always told me he would cook me up if I was naughty.
I never took him serious :( "
"I promise I'll be nice and eat my veggies."

"See Dad, I'm already eating 'em!"

I think he's the cutest little turkey ever.
And I could defiantly "Eat 'um up!"

"I'll SEE you later!"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Drumsticks

Nanna and Pops are visiting for Thanksgiving so Hayden had to pull out his Big Guns (not his biceps, but his rolly, polly thighs).
His balance is great and he is on the verge of walking.
He took 2 steps toward Brian today before realizing what he was doing, then the little chicken fell on his butt.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for
My Little Turkey's Drumsticks!

New Moon

New Moon
(Need I say more?)

(Lindsey, Shirsten, Tina, Jessica, and Edward)

I'm still on Team Edward,
but I must admit Jacob was REALLY HOT!

Shirsten is on Team Jacob :(

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Fun with Uncle Colt

Uncle Colt came down from BYU-I last weekend.
And we had a blast together!

While he was here,
the fam went up the canyon for burgers and marshmallows.

It was perfect weather.
Warm enough for just jackets, but cold enough for a fire.
Watching the fire was my favorite part.

My least favorite part was when Uncle Colt put me in a BIG leaf pile. I thought he was going to leave me for the wolves.
I got so sad and scared :(

But, all around it was a FUN FALL day.
Perfect for crawling in the leaves,
digging my fingers in the dirt,
and for tasting the crisp, cold air.
I enjoy the FALL!

Thanks Uncle Colt for coming to visit.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Young Frankenstein

This is our little monster.

I'm Inga (the sexy assistant).

And this is Dr. Frankenstein.

Together we created the little monster.
We call him Young Frankenstein.

Here is our Halloween Story:

The cutest monster EVER!

The CUTEST MONSTER in the whole wide WORLD!

Need I say it again?
He is just SO CUTE!

Our Trick or Treating Group.
(Nick, Hayden, Shirsten, McKale, and Gavin)

Only on Halloween, could
Bumblebee and Young Frankenstein
forget their differences and be best of friends.

Trick or Treating with Daddy's Help.

Now, Trick or Treating with Uncle Nick's Help!
(I have to keep convincing the adults that hauling me around to get free candy is fun. The only one that listened was Uncle Nick. I think the word FREE caught his attention).

Reaping the benefits of everyone else's hard work.
(Well I had to do a little, I had to look cute.)

Let's see should a eat a Tootsie Roll?

No, I think I'll go for the full size Snicker Bar
(I'm not as stupid as I look).

I'm not tired, I promise!
(That was the best day of my WHOLE life).