Monday, October 10, 2011

Brian's 29th Birthday

Brian celebrated his 29th Birthday in September. Hayden was so excited. And the cutest thing was that he knew the drill (cake, candles, Happy Birthday song, presents...). Here is a video of our little family celebration.
(it's kinda long, but I had a hard time cutting things cause Hayden was so adorable and excited)

Nana: Did you recognize your Birthday Cheese Cake? Or as Hayden named it: Big Cake, Candy Cake, Giant Cake (take your pick).


Jocelyn at 2 months

I know I'm really late with this post, but "better late than never, right?".

Here are some things about Jocelyn at 2 months:
At her Dr. appt so weighed 9 lbs 12 ounces (that's the same as her cousin Sam at birth!!) and she was 22 inches long.

The Dr. said more Tummy Time, so Hayden helped out.
"Tummy Time is so much more fun with a friend."
Jocelyn Loves her Brother! She gets the biggest smiles when Hayden gives her attention and she will track him around the room.

Hayden loves to help with his "Lil' Sweetie",
but he's not the best babysitter, yet!

Jocelyn's swing has the most annoying music IN THE WORLD, but Hayden loves to play with the buttons and turn it on. So whenever Jocelyn is in the swing Hayden will turn on the music for her and she LOVES it. I HATE it. But once in awhile, when I can't get Jocelyn to calm down, I will put her in the swing and turn on the music. :)
(What us mom's will do for a little peace and quiet, plus a little music).

Another Love is the Bath...
Since birth, Jocelyn has always loved the bath. Whenever she is colicky I can count on the bath to calm her down.

As long as the car is moving...
...Jocelyn will be asleep.

Jocelyn is not the biggest fan of tummy time
(unless someone is on the floor with her)...
So she has learned to roll from her front to her back.

She can also scoot herself around the room.
(She will tuck her knees up to her belly and push-off)
I usually don't know that she is scooting, until I hear her crying because she is stuck or has hit her head on something. :(

She is a very social baby.
I think her ALL TIME favorite activity is to stand on my lap to talk and smile...
(It's one of my favorite activities too).

When Jocelyn really gets a talkin' she will suck in air and make a high-pitch breath. I like to think it's her first little laugh.

Neither Jocelyn or I would be sane without a "Swaddle Me" (it's a receiving blanket with velcro). She can't sleep without being swaddled, and these blankets ensure that she is wrapped nice and tight. I think she looks like a little Pea Pod and Brian says she's a Glow Worm, either way she super cute.
She sleeps about 5 1/2 hours at night! I feed her around 11:30pm and she doesn't wake up til 5:30am. I feel so lucky to get sleep, especially so I can keep-up with Mr. Bo-Bayden.

Another trick that we have discovered is GRIPE WATER. Jocelyn will get the hick-ups or an upset tummy (she goes stiff like a board and will moan, it's super sad). But we use a little gripe water and within 5 minutes she has a huge belch and then she's as happy as can be. Brian calls it "Miracle Water", and I would agree!

We love our little "Josh-Win", but who won't with those