Thursday, May 7, 2009

If he's not PLAYING then he's POOPY

Hayden has started to recognize toys, sometimes the "toy" is unconventional, but he entertains himself just the same. It is very rewarding to watch him have a great time. 

His first and best "toy" has been his fingers. He LOVES them. 
Recently, he has been blowing bubbles with his spit while sucking on his fingers 
(very talented, I wonder if the Circus would want him).

His second best friend is his burp rags. It's fun to watch him reach for it and then ATTACK.
 He thinks he's a little monster - he will get so excited that he curls into a ball grunting and shoving the rag into his mouth. 
(I wonder if the zoo has an opening.)

Hayden's newest friend is Maxi, the Lion. The orange, soft, and cuddly stuffed animal is the same size as Hayden. When I put Maxi next to Hayden he can't wait to SHOVE his soft, yellow mane into his mouth, just like everything else. 
(I bet Hayden will be great at boy scout camp when they play "CHUBBY BUNNY".)

Here's another picture of Hayden EATING more toys!

And for the grand finale, Hayden is performing his "strong legs" trick.
Hayden has loved his bouncy chair from the beginning, but recently he has discovered that the chair is more then just music and bubbles, it's also a great leg work-out. He will put his legs on the front toy and push as hard as he can, then he relaxes, and then !surprise! he pushes again and again and again. He can entertain himself for at least 20 minutes. 
(I wonder if the gym will take him as a weight trainer.) 

If Hayden is not busy having fun, then usually he's just plain poopy. But it's a cute kind of poopy because he can't decide if he wants to be happy or sad, it's very cute (watch the video).


Here's a, not very good, picture of HAYDEN'S POOPY LIP, since he didn't show it in the video. If Hayden's Grandpa Warren saw this he would say, "A bird's going to come poop on that lip if you don't put it back in!" 
(I wonder if the birds would want him!)


  1. he is so cute! and i love his poopy lip.

  2. His poopy lip is a heart breaker! That's really code for " I need my grandparents!" If the zoo, the circus, the gym or even the birds don't want him... good! WE DO! He's adorable, and you guys must be so proud of your multi-talented boy! XOXO!

  3. ha ha ha... So funny!! It's so fun to watch them grow up.


  4. Dude, hope to see him someday! If you are ever near Portland, come stay with us k!

  5. JESSICA!! Oh my gosh im so glad you found my blog Hayden is the cuttest! I have wondered about you guys in the past, now im glad that i can keep tabs on you guys:) Our sons are super close in age Camdon was born on Halloween (i know what luck haha...) So where are you guys living? What are you guys doing? You really should get on facebook so we can talk!!

  6. What a wonderful surprise it was to have you comment on my blog!! I had no idea that this was even here! I think about you frequently and I am so happy that now I will be able to keep better tabs on you! Little Hayden is adorable :)

  7. He is soooo cute Jessica! :) Oh my gosh, I love your picture you have as your blog title!