Monday, November 2, 2009

Young Frankenstein

This is our little monster.

I'm Inga (the sexy assistant).

And this is Dr. Frankenstein.

Together we created the little monster.
We call him Young Frankenstein.

Here is our Halloween Story:

The cutest monster EVER!

The CUTEST MONSTER in the whole wide WORLD!

Need I say it again?
He is just SO CUTE!

Our Trick or Treating Group.
(Nick, Hayden, Shirsten, McKale, and Gavin)

Only on Halloween, could
Bumblebee and Young Frankenstein
forget their differences and be best of friends.

Trick or Treating with Daddy's Help.

Now, Trick or Treating with Uncle Nick's Help!
(I have to keep convincing the adults that hauling me around to get free candy is fun. The only one that listened was Uncle Nick. I think the word FREE caught his attention).

Reaping the benefits of everyone else's hard work.
(Well I had to do a little, I had to look cute.)

Let's see should a eat a Tootsie Roll?

No, I think I'll go for the full size Snicker Bar
(I'm not as stupid as I look).

I'm not tired, I promise!
(That was the best day of my WHOLE life).


  1. Ohhh, sooo CUTE your little monster is!! We would love to have that monster show up at our door! Dr Frankenstein and sexy Nurse Inga -- you do frighteningly good work!!

  2. It was fun seeing you guys this last weekend! Hayden is very cute! We would love to get together again some day... maybe four wheeling and dirt biking. Let us know the next time you go or if you ever want to head up this way we have plenty of room!

  3. Sooo Dang cute!
    Tell him to bring some dat candy to cousin dinner!