Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grandpa & Grandma's Hayden Time

First thing we did was a GIRL'S CRAFT:
(Grandpa was not included)
Pictured: Karen (Nana), Leigh Anne (Grandma), Megan, Chelsea, Rachel, Karen, Kyler, Amber, and Teresa.
(I love girl time, and miss my sisters and moms).

We Celebrated Jamie's Graduation with a Family BBQ:
(Look closely and you can see Ashley and Colt in the windows. They were too lazy to come outside for the family picture, but they were pretty clever.)
Here's a Closer Look:

Learned New Words:

Played Uncle Nick Style:

Painted a Fence:

Swam/Sat in Warm Kitchen Sink Water:

Fed Horses:

The weather was a bit BREEZY, but it was still a good vacation.

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