Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

It was a crazy, but worthwhile Thanksgiving.
My parents, with Nick and Ash, were suppose to drive down to Utah for a yummy Thanksgiving at my house. But the day before they were suppose to come, there was a huge storm. So for the first time in my life (I like to be prepared) we went ALL CRAZY and scheduled a flight for the next day and flew the 3 of us (Brian, Jess, and Hayden) up to Washington for Thanksgiving Break. It was a "Win, Win" situation for everyone cause not only did we get to see Grandma and Grandpa, but we saw Nana and Pops too!

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving Break:

Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving Morning:

Brandon, Megan, Pops, and Blake (Brian not pictured)
Megan was the only girl that went, way to represent! :)

Blake catching an interception!

Quigley Huddle

QB Pops

There's Megan!!

Brandon and Brian going for the same ball!

Bowling for a Turkey:

Grandma and Grandpa

Hayden rubbing Pops' Head for Good Luck

Blake and Megan
(Megan was the Black Horse in the game!)

Hayden and Megan

Brian being a Cheese Ball and
Pops just now realizing that he is loosing to a girl! :)

Hayden being Ball Boy

Pops and Nana

High Fives All Around

Hayden and I

Brandon and Blake being Cute and Spectacular Uncles

"Again, again" says Hayden

Hayden bowling with the "Ball Slide".

It was such great FUN.

And even more fun to watch Hayden be so amazed and excited.

Our "Bowling for a Turkey" Group:
Grandpa, Jessica, Grandma, Hayden, Brian, Nana, Pops, Brandon, Blake and Megan.

Thanksgiving Dinner:
(Thank you Cannell Family for taking us in on such short notice.)

Ashely and Nick

Kyler and Hayden
(Or at least where they were suppose to be)

Brian, Grandma, Grandpa, Rachael, Chris, and Friends

Brandon, Blake, Megan, Steve, Jana, Pops, and Nana
(Oh! There's Kyler, hiding in the back.)

Other side of the table:
Gary, Brandon, Blake, Megan, Pops, Nana, Hayden, and Karen

And the WHOLE Tryptophan Group!!

Chelsey decided to eat the boys' food (they weren't eating it).

Oh! There's the Boys.

A picture of the photographer and her Hubby.

And a Picture of the Temporary Photographer
(I had to post one of these pictures, he took about 20 of them.)

Girls Cook, Boys Clean!

BYU vs. UofU Football Game:
(Sad Ending)

Daddy and Hayden watching the Game

The Whole Group:
Ashley, Nick, Blake, Megan, Nana, Pops, Brandon, Grandpa, Grandma, Brian, Hayden, and me.

"Decorating" Grandma's Christmas Tree:

Hayden's Stash of Bells and Ornaments

"Jingle Bells"

Pops' has a Golf FART:

Hayden enjoying time with
"The Man with a Golf FART"!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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