Saturday, February 26, 2011


Friday morning we woke-up to 6-8 inches of snow. It slowly snowed 'til about 10am, when Brian decided to shovel the walks. So I bundled Hayden up and put on his never been worn snow boots and mittens. And the boys went outside to the Hayden-Knee Deep snow.

Even though we live in Utah and get SNOW all Fall, Winter, and Spring long; it was Hayden's first time playing in the snow.

Brian said that Hayden was exploring the whole time he was shoveling.

Hayden would take a GIANT step into the untouched snow and look all around at the smooth, clean glitter that surround him. Then he would take several steps, turn around and marvel at his tracks. He also loved when Daddy would 'make it snow' by shaking the tree branches. Hayden would say, "It's Snowin!".
On days like this I'm so grateful for a Healthy, Happy Little Boy that Explores and Learns and for a Great Husband that Takes Care of our Family and Loves his Little Boy.

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