Saturday, May 14, 2011

Richfield 4-Wheeler Riding

Our first camping trip of the season was to Richfield.

Daddy and Hayden on the "crazy, orange one".

Hayden sportin' his new helmet and googles.
He was such a good boy about wearing such a heavy, odd helmet. I'm so proud of him. He looks so big in his new helmet.

A camping trip to Richfield means time with Grandpa Johnson.
Grandpa and Hayden enjoying ice cream.
It was a beautiful day for 4-wheeler riding and for a little ice cream.

While on a ride, we just had to stop to throw rocks in the stream
(one of Hayden's favorite activities).
I was worried about Hayden falling in, but Daddy was super cute and made sure that he was always safe. :)
While throwing rocks, Hayden started singing "Give Said the Little Stream" but he replaced the word, "hill" with "mountain". He is such a little smarty pants.
My Camping Boys

We are so excited for good weather. To get out of the city and to enjoy the fresh air!

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