Friday, June 10, 2011

Christmas over Memorial Day

Camping with the Warren Family over Memorial Day

Jamie Learning to Drive the Raptor:
(Notice her "Concentration Lips")

Hayden and Daddy:

Does Grandma Look Cold?
You'll notice that in every picture she's BUNDLED-UP.
She froze the whole weekend.

Addie, Hayden, and Jamie:

Hayden and Jamie:
Hayden was brave enough to go for a ride with Jamie. He didn't care who drove, as long as he was going. (She did really well).

Nathan and Hayden:
Brian called Hayden, "HELMET" the whole weekend
(Darth Vader from Spaceballs).

Great Grandma Warren:
She prizes herself on not smiling for pictures :)

Shauna, Trista, and Addie hanging out in the Game Tent:

Grandpa and "Helmet" waving good-bye, before going for ANOTHER ride:
I think Grandpa and Hayden tied for the most HOURS spend riding a 4-wheeler over the weekend.

Grandma, Grandpa, and Hayden:
Grandma's all BUNDLED-UP!

Colt and Addie:

Cristina and Jessica:
"Time to Eat!"

Some of the Group, enjoying the Meal:

Uncle Stan and Travis:
Preparing the Coals for Dessert. Yummy!

Uncle Pat holding a tried and worn-out Kezia:

The Group, Huddled around the Pitiful Fire:
Tiana (hunched over), Trista, Sheldon, Addie, Colt and Carlin

Jamie trying to stay warm:

Is that Great Grandma?
I can't tell because she is smiling! :)
(Great Picture Brian)

The Below 12, Boys Group:
Trying to Play Horseshoes, kinda Dangerous!

Hayden loved playing with ALL the Boys, and he didn't even notice that he was half their age or height.

Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden:
I can't tell if he's saying, "Up", "Look at My Gloves", or "Help, My Hands Are Dirty!"
Probably the Ladder.

Grandma and Shauna just doing the "Camping Hang-Out":
(Yes, that is Grandma. You can tell because she's prepared for the Arctic.)

Brian and Great Grandpa Warren:

Grandpa and "Helmet":
Getting Ready for an Evening Ride.
They were Riding Buddies, neither of them got tired of Riding.

Hayden and Mom:
Hayden wanted a Marshmallow SO BAD, but then he realized that they weren't all the good without the chocolate and graham cracker.

The Group Roasting Marshmallows:
Aunt Alice and Travis kneeling on the ground.

More Group Shots:
Great Grandma and Grandpa are on the Left Sitting in Chairs.

Colt, Aunt Carrie, and Addie

Great Grandpa, Trista, Cami, Rebecca, and Cristina.

The Next Morning we went for a BIG Group Ride:
Cami and Jamie

Grandpa and Colt couldn't resist the Snow.

Addie, just waiting for Colt to Grow-Up.
She'll be waiting her whole life :)

Grandma and "Helmet" also waiting for the Boys.

We found another Snow Pile, and this time it was HUGE and DEEP:
A couple of the 4-wheelers got stuck, including Big Birtha.

The fun part was getting them unstuck:

"Helmet" is just waiting patiently.

Group Shot:
Kristi, Uncle Pat, Grandpa, Grandma, Jamie, Cami, Colt, Addie, Hayden, Brian, and Me (taking picture).

Break Time:
Colt and Addie

Jamie and Cami enjoying some water.

Hayden Bo-Bayden with his water and licorice.

Brian, Grandma, Kristi, and Uncle Pat

Grandma and Hayden.
(Wow! Grandma has her hood off! The sun must be shining.)

Jessica and Jamie

Hayden and Mom
(It was the best and only picture I could find of the two of us while on a ride.
Plus, look at my backside. :) I've done a lot better job of not looking SO PREGNANT this time around. I could even zip-up my coat!!)

Shooting Range:
Hayden being a Stinker.

Grandma and Hayden watching the competition.

Grandpa, Uncle Pat, and Carlin

Carlin, Grandpa, and Colt

Group Shot:
Addie, Uncle Pat, Grandpa, Jamie, Korbin, Nathan, Natasha, Carlin, and Aunt Tina

Now SMILE and actually Look at the Camera:
Colt, Addie, Uncle Pat, Grandpa, Jamie, Brian, Tiffany, Nathan, Natasha, Korbin, Carlin, Aunt Tina, and Kristi.

Brian and Jamie preparing for a little "Annie Oakley".

Hayden and Colt

This is the View we saw from the Trailer Window on Sunday Morning (the day before Memorial Day). YIKES!!

Grandpa, Hayden, and Grandma
"Nice and Warm and Cozy"
No One was in Rush to get out of Bed, Even the 4-Wheeler Addicts (Grandpa and Hayden).

(Thank goodness for the Trailer with a furnace and 4 walls. Oh! and a Bathroom.)

Hayden and Brian
(Daddy Slept Well)

Hayden, along with everyone else, Enjoying the Snow from inside the Trailer.

Merry Christmas/Happy Memorial Day!

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