Monday, October 10, 2011

Brian's 29th Birthday

Brian celebrated his 29th Birthday in September. Hayden was so excited. And the cutest thing was that he knew the drill (cake, candles, Happy Birthday song, presents...). Here is a video of our little family celebration.
(it's kinda long, but I had a hard time cutting things cause Hayden was so adorable and excited)

Nana: Did you recognize your Birthday Cheese Cake? Or as Hayden named it: Big Cake, Candy Cake, Giant Cake (take your pick).



  1. Jess-
    Your little family is soooo cute!! I just love to watch Hayden grow and to see how much Jocelyn and Charlize are alike. I am glad they will have each other to hang out with as they grow up. I would love for them to have matching beanies. I got it at Target; it even comes with little mittens. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

  2. Ha ha I just watched that video and MiKya came running over as soon as she heard singing and had to yell "YAY" every time the video did! Very cute! We both enjoyed it! :) P.S. Your house looks beautiful!

  3. Love this Hayden is getting so big. Love you both.