Sunday, July 1, 2012


Kitchen Helper


Pillow Time

Jocelyn loves pillows and blankets. 
Whenever she sees something soft and comfy she will lay her head down and snuggle it. 
(That's 1 difference between boys and girls.) 

Orem Summer Fest (June 9)

 Nana bought Hayden his first Cotton Candy.

 Jocelyn wearing headphones during the parade.

 Hayden got an Apron from Home Depot...

 ...a Soccer Ball...

 ...a High Five from the Orem Owl...

 ...and a WHOLE LOT of Candy!
He also got about 4 blown kisses from the Princesses riding the floats! 
He was one Lucky Guy at Orem Fest.

My Little Techies

 Whenever I work on the computer, Hayden will "work" on his Mator Computer and he will get Jocelyn his "baby computer".  

"Pink Tails"

Jocelyn's New, Regular Hair-Do is... 
 (as Hayden calls them)

Jocelyn's First Nail Polish Experience

 Cousin Coco painted Jocelyn's Toe Nails...

 ...but Jocelyn only held still for 3 toes :)

Gavin's Birthday Party

 Hayden and Birthday-Boy, Gavin


Jocelyn Walking (June 16)


"NO, NO, NO!"


Hayden's Swim Lessons

1st Day


Last Day of Swim Lessons

Fun in the Sun with Friends

Jocelyn's Entourage: 
 Christa, Will, Jocelyn, Joshua, and Jessica

Hayden's "Bwest" Friends:
 Hayden, Jarom, and Harrison 

 Our 7-Peaks Group

Dance 2012


Daddy's New Motocycle 

Brian's (and Hayden's) New Toy. 
Brian rides it every chance he gets, and Hayden begs for a ride every time.

New Yard


Hayden (along with the rest of the family) thought that the yard was taking WAY TOO LONG. About a week before we got grass he said with disappointment, "We're 'ever going to get grass." We're all glad that the hard work is over and we now have grass to play on. 

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