Monday, April 27, 2009

What's New Hayden Bo-Bayden?

Hayden's Been Up to No Good. 
The older he gets the more he grows and the more he learns. 

Hayden is rolling a TON now. 
He can roll from his belly to his back quite quickly. He hates tummy time and he has learned that if he rolls quickly onto his back then he doesn't have to do as much tummy time. But then Mean Ol' Mom comes along and puts him back on his tummy, he throws a fit but then rolls again (Little Smart Aleck, Just Like His Dad).  Tummy time has turned into rolling time.

He can also roll from his back to his belly. He usually does this at night. Rolling from his back to his belly (while sleeping) has been super annoying because it wakes him. He has not had a good night's sleep in 2 days. Hopefully he'll get over the night practices soon because both him and I need a good night's sleep.  

New Clothes!
Hayden can now fit into his 3-6 month clothing. He is still wearing his 0-3 month clothes also, so he has twice the wardrobe. It's fun to dress him in new, cute, summer clothes (if only the weather would cooperate now).

Size 2
Hayden is growing so fast, TOO Fast. He has moved up to Size 2 in Diapers.
(Wow! Hopefully that BIG NOGGIN of his reflects how SMART he'll be!)

Hayden is loving the bath. I took out the newborn netting about a week ago and now I can't stop him from having a good time. He splashes so much that I moved his bathtub into our big bathtub. He usually plays in the bath for at least 15 minutes. 
I can't wait to go swimming this summer!

Not "Pigs in a Blanket", But "Thumb in a Blanket"!
Hayden LOVES his thumb, he has been sucking it for at least 3 weeks. But lately he has been wrapping it in his bibs, burp rags, blankets, clothes (any fabric he can get his hands on) and then sticking it in his mouth. At first I thought that the fabric was getting caught in his finger so I would pull the cloth out of the way, but as I started to really watch I noticed that he wanted the fabric. He is such a smart (and weird) little boy. 
Brian says that Hayden needs more 'Fiber' in his diet :)! 


  1. wow, it looks like he is growing really fast! :) we liked how he did his "flutter kick" right on cue when his mommy asked him to hehe!

  2. Hi guys! Well what can we say besides Nice Family Jewels!! You may have to reconsider teaching him the Michael Jackson "private grab" as he may need it to protect himself from the eyes of the world!! ;-) Really though, he's just the cutest!! We love you guys!!!

  3. Jess-
    You are doing a fabulous job on this. I love all the new stuff, especially the videos!! I also like the "new outfit" picture and the picture labeled "hello everybody." He is so cute. Thanks for keeping us updated and entertained!! Love ya- ash

  4. I love those videos. The guts are hilarious and his leg kicks in the bath. Bet that is fun to clean up. Can't wait until the summer so our babes can go swimming.

  5. Aww he is learning so fast, that's so fun! They grow too fast!

  6. That's so funny - Tanner still won't roll over at all! He sits up and reaches, but refuses to roll over - I'll have him watch Hayden's video to get some tips :)