Thursday, August 20, 2009

7 Habits of the Highly Energetic Hayden

Here is Hayden, 1 month old, with Mr. Big Bear:
Oh! So Sweet.
(He's a perfect pillow).

Here is Hayden at 7 months with Mr. Big Bear again:
Can Teddy Bears shrink?

Can you believe it?

7 Habits of the Highly Energetic 7 month Hayden:

1. Crawling
(well almost, he can do the action once before falling).

2. Eating
Hayden loves to eat his oatmeal and rice cereal with fruit and vegetables.
But he loves his Veggie Puffs even more.

3. Bath Time
Hayden now takes "Big Boy Baths".
He sits, lays, rolls, plays, slips and sips all in the big tub.

4. Naps
Hayden, like his mom, loves his bed. When he gets tired he will crawl over to mom or dad's feet, pound on them and whine a little. We'll take him up to his crib, where he will smother his face into his blankie, snuggle into his mattress, and fall asleep.

5. Practice his Monster
Brian has taught Hayden how to growl. It's the cutest thing and now I'll catch Hayden practicing it while daddy's at work. When Brian gets home, him and Hayden will play Monsters.

6. Sitting
Hayden loves to SIT and play.
He's become a pro at sitting. I think he enjoys it so much because he feels independent and big.

7. Practicing his Fake Laugh
Hayden has always been ahead of the game, but one thing he still needs to work on is his laugh. He tries so hard, but well sometimes trying too hard isn't a good thing.
Watch this and you'll see:

Here's s'more 7 month pictures:

Hayden SPORTIN' his fauxhawk and track jacket.

And Hayden in his "handsome clothes".

He's just my 7 month energetic, crawling, eating, bath taking, sleeping, sitting, fake laughing, handsome MONSTER; who thinks he's SO BIG.


  1. His "Handsome Clothes", huh? Uncle Blake will be jealous!! :D We LOVE the videos! And, yeah, he IS a spaz! The fake laugh is too funny! What a crack-up! Can't wait to see him soon!! Loves and hugs from Nana and Pops! :)

  2. i love all the videos. i feel like i am there. he is doing awesome on crawling!! miss you guys.