Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Monkey

Last Thursday I went into Hayden's room to get him from his nap and this is what I find...

"What Mom, Ain't I Suppose to Stand on 'Em?"

"Am I a Big Boy Now?"

The funny thing is, Hayden had a banana for the first time that morning. The banana must of had some super monkey power (like on Donkey Kong), cause I can't get him to stop climbing.
I can't believe how quickly he's growing up. It seems like he quickly discovers and then masters 'his tricks', so I never know what to expect. The *little monkey defiantly keeps me guessing.

Today I was able to video the little monkey climbing the side of his crib.
Have a look...

The only bad thing about all this climbing is that he won't sleep.
I remember when he was about 3 months old and he discovered how to roll. For about a week he wouldn't sleep cause every time I put him down he would practice rolling. He's doing the same thing again. I'll put him in his crib and instead of sleeping he'll practice climbing, standing and walking.
A Good Example is Right Now:
It's 10 pm, I'm typing and he's suppose to be asleep. But for the last 2 hours he's been climbing, standing, walking, falling and then trying again. And he's doing to ALL IN THE DARK. He'll get to the point where he's so tired he can't stand anymore, right?

I was also able to record Hayden crawling.
Last time I posted he was just barely taking a 1 step crawl. But now he's pretty much mastered it. Even though he can do it, it's still not his favorite and preferred mode of transportation. If he thinks he needs to get somewhere FAST he'll still do his army crawl.

*Hayden is only 1/2 monkey (it comes from his dad's side):
He loves to climb, but I have to force him to eat bananas. Who ever heard of a monkey not liking bananas? That's why I think he's only 1/2 monkey! :)


  1. What a cutie! Congrats on his next steps! Soon he'll be jumping on your bed and climbing on the counter, then riding a bike. . . it goes sooo fast! Enjoy your little man!

  2. Haven't we called him a little monkey since he was born? Had a feeling about this one, and as usual, "it's a good thing he's so cute"! Can't wait to see him again, and see all his tricks in person. He is just too cute for words! Give him lots and lots of kisses from Nana and Pops. Love to y'all!!! ;)

  3. Hey, where'd that little baby go?? He's a man child these days, and how strong he is!!! Oh you guys, he is so adorable. I wanna play!!
    I love his crawl. I'm sure it means he's going to be 100% smart. They say you can learn all kinds of things by the way they crawl and climb. My prediction is that he is going to be a brilliant math student, and an early reader and have some big muscles to keep those under-achievers at bay! I love your famiy. xoxo