Saturday, September 19, 2009

8 months, 27 years, and Crying Cougs

So here's some things the little 8 month old is up to:

He loves to play with the blocks Grandpa made for him.
The blocks have their very own toy box. Hayden loves to take the blocks out, but he hasn't learned how to put them back in (just like when he helps with laundry). He loves to chew on them, bang them together, knock them over, and dent the floor, table, or anything that makes a loud noise.

He likes to wave.
But he waves at random times so he hasn't ALL the way figured it out. But it still brings a smile to my face when he waves, "hello", especially in the morning or after a nap.
Daddy also loves it. Hayden gives Daddy the 2-handed wave when he comes home from work. (He defiantly knows how to pull our heart strings).

Hayden loves to be on his feet.
He climbs EVERYTHING (couch, ottoman, recliners, toy box, cupboards, stairs, baskets, doors, chairs, legs, and even walls). He pretty much climbs anything that makes him taller and part of the crowd.

Not only did he learn to climb, but also how to land.
He is very cautious when it comes to landing, but it wasn't always like that. In the beginning Hayden would let go of the couch, put his hands in the air, make his eyes wide, and BAM, land flat on his back. He only did that for about 2 days. Then he learned to bend at the waist and fall on a little more cushioning, his diaper. Now he's learned to hold onto the couch and squat. If his bottom doesn't reach the floor then he reaches with his opposite hand. As soon as his hand hits the floor his knees start pumping and he's on his way to the next mountain.

Happy Birthday Old Guy!
Brian got Jordans, insoles, a mini work makeover (family photos hung), money, a DQ cake, and Hayden got him matching BYU shirts.
We love you dad!

It's okay Cougars, I still like you better than the Seminoles.
And cheer-up cause I bet they don't have a cute little fan like me.

And my Daddy and I will still monopolize the remote control every Saturday (see you next week).

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