Friday, September 18, 2009

Labor Day Camping

My side of the family (the Warren side) had a little mini reunion over Labor Day weekend. We went camping in Nevada at Bird Creek. The weekend went great; we had terrific weather, beautiful surroundings, and good company.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

It wasn't Hayden asking, "Are we there yet?", it was Daddy!

Hayden was super excited to see Grandpa,
but I think G-pa was just a tad bit more excited :)

Hayden loves Grandma
and he loved her even more after she feed him.

There were lots of fun activities to do:

4-Wheeler Riding


Don't forget the cannon.

Sitting around the (fireless, but not short on smoke) campfire.

Keeping Hayden Entertained


Enjoying the Family

Learning about Belgium
(Justine is on the right, she's our foreign exchange student from Belgium)

Playing with Fun Aunts

And just enjoying one another.

We also took some family photos while we were all together.

This is how Hayden felt about pictures.
"I thought we were camping... I HATE dress-up."

This should do the trick... just turn that frown upside down!

This is the family photo.

But you can't say we went camping looking all clean, so one more true camping picture:

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  1. I love all the pics, but the family photo is the best!!! Really nice place for a picture, and the stuff you guys wore looks great!! Well, along, of course with beautiful smiles and such good lookers in the fam! :D