Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hayden has been learning his shapes. It only took him a couple of days to memorize circle, heart, square, triangle, and star. Then only an hour to memorize an oval.

A couple of days ago, I was dressing Hayden. I noticed him playing with his belly button. All of a sudden a little light went on in Hayden's head (DING!) and he said, "Mom, Belly...Circle!"

Right now he is learning rectangle and diamond. He's a little smarty pants, but only when he wants to be. We have been trying to learn colors for the last several months, but he's not very good at "guessing" the correct color. He just starts saying all the colors he knows (red, green, black, white, purple...) until he guesses correctly. It's so cute to see him learn.

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  1. It is cute to see him learn! And fun to hear him pronounce all the words. We're glad his Mommy keeps working with him. He'll be ready for college by FIVE! :)