Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amber and Emi came to visit from Kentucky, and we had a blast! My favorite part was going to Quilted Bear with a fellow craft connoisseur. Hayden loved having a playmate from sun-up to sun-down. Since they've left, he has asked several times, "Where's Emi?"

While they visited, Amber used her professional camera to take some pictures:

Emi and Hayden:

(Amber edited some of Hayden's pictures. There are doubles of most pictures, because I couldn't decide if I liked the vintage brown look or the rustic blue. I included both so grandparents could get a new desktop picture.)

Hayden was upset because I asked him to smile.

I call this one "BLUE STEEL"

I think he looks like a WHO from WHOVILLE in this picture with his big teeth and scrunched nose. But even Cindy Lou Who was super adorable with her big buck teeth and scrunched little nose.

My favorite!

A Sexy Cologne Commercial?

Another WHOVILLE look (It's his new FAKE smile).

Thank you Amber for taking such cute pictures and for taking the time to edit them. We miss you already.

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