Saturday, April 9, 2011

Massive Update

I finally downloaded all my iPhone Photos. Which means this blog will be random, scattered, and long. But like always, it will include cute picture of Mr. Hayden Bo-Bayden. It will also include some of the funny things Hayden has been saying lately. Enjoy!

Hayden absolutely LOVES Jamba Juice. The other day Brian made home-made smoothies (trying to get rid of old fruit and ice cream) and Hayden got so excited, "Jamba! Jamba!"

HAYDEN QUOTE: One morning Hayden woke-up, put his hands in the air, stretched as far as he could, and said, "Mom, I'm so big...I'm gettin' so tall!"
He just grew overnight!

I love this picture.
Not only does it show Hayden's cute outie; but how good of a daddy Brian is.

Nana was here in February and bought Hayden Bambi. He was having a good ol' time watching Bambi, Thumper, and Flower tromp around the forest. But then mayhem happens, Bambi's mother dies and the forest catches fire. As you can tell from the picture, Hayden got pretty upset. It was a heartbreaking, but funny moment.

HAYDEN QUOTE: On the ride home from church Hayden said, "My tummy is so sad". After lunch he rubbed his belly and said, "My belly is warm and cozy."
I think we've all felt like that after church :)

Thanksgiving Point had a Dr. Seuss Day.
The staff read Dr. Seuss books to the kids and then the kids decorated sugar cookies.

Nana helping Hayden.

YUMMY! Sprinkles and Icing.

Hayden and Jarom

After decorating cookies and eating only the icing/sprinkles...

the boys went on a horse ride.

And then a carriage ride...
Jarom and Jessica

Nana and Hayden

Carriage horse, Hayden and Mommy.

It doesn't get better than warm, gooey, CC Cookies and Milk!

Hayden has been pee pee potty trained for about a month and a half. But he has been struggling with pooping in the toilet. One night (at a restaurant, of all places) Hayden decided to go poop in the toilet. So we have him a sucker and then took him to the $1 store for a toy.
Out of all the toys at the store, he picked another ball.

HAYDEN QUOTE: (The same day that Hayden pooped in the toilet). Brian and I were getting Hayden ready for bed and talking to him about the day (pooping in the toilet, getting a sucker, getting a new ball, eating pizza, ect). Hayden turns to Brian and says, "Dad, I'm soo Happy today."
It was a good day!

Hayden and Aida on the Carousel.

Hayden driving the bus.

Aida and Hayden playing with the bus.

(He was playing with all the SAFE toys, because he was scared of the BIG slides. Finally I made him go on a slide. Well I had to pack him up the ladder and slide down with him on my lap. But I only had to do that twice, after that, I couldn't get him to stop.)

Hayden climbing the ladder.

Going down the slide, by himself!

Going down the BIG SLIDE, by himself!

Just a little slide.

Maria and Max going down the slide.

"One more time!"

HAYDEN QUOTE: Hayden was in one of his 'terrible two' moods, when I asked him if he wanted to talk to grandma on the phone. He replied, "NO! I'm throwing fits!"
He said it!

Hayden playing in the BIG CHAIR while mom and dad shopped/bought a new rocker for the nursery.

Brian and Hayden playing basketball at BYU after Daddy's intramural game.

My 2 boys!
(Hayden is so fetchin' cute, but I'm only a little bias).
Thank you Aida for the Hayden-sized basketball.

HAYDEN QUOTE: A couple days after the ultrasound, I asked Hayden, "What's in Mommy's tummy?" He said, "A baby". I then asked, "What's in your tummy?" He thinks, then says, "Umm, food in my belly."

Pops got 6 Executive Suite Tickets to the Jazz vs Lakers game!
Not only did we have COMFY, good, cushion seats; but we got a 5 star buffet dinner, and dessert crepes during half time. Oh! and we had drinks served to us the whole game.
I could watch every Jazz game like that!
Brian and I enjoying our buffet dinner before the game.

Brandon in our COMFY, good, cushion seats.

And all the boys who throughly enjoyed the game (even though the Jazz lost. Surprise! Surprise!)
(Brian, Brandon, Pops, Jack, and Blake)

Aunt Megan and Hayden built a tiny snowman (in April!).

They were very creative with his buttons - dandelions.

The next day Hayden wanted to go see his snowman, but it had melted. He was really, really sad. He then tells both Brian and I what had happened, "It (snowman) fell down, and melted. Then the grass 'slurp' it up. It's all gone." (He's such a thinker)

Hayden playing with the water in the gutter spout.
He thinks it's fun to wash his hands/gloves when its outside, but hates washing his hands in the sink.

HAYDEN QUOTE: I was uploading pictures of the snowman onto my computer when Hayden came around the corner. He looked at the snowman pictures, got a huge grin and said, "It's perfect!" He was so proud of his little snowman.

Pops made Hayden a toddler bed!
Hayden calls it his, "NEW bed" and he loves it.
Hayden has done really well with it and adjusted quickly. The first couple of nights he got out of bed and played (new found freedom). One night I heard him out of bed so I went to check on him and he was in the rocker reading books. Another night, Brian and I found him asleep but with only his top half of his body on the bed. His feet where still touching the ground. We think he fell asleep while trying to climb back into bed. But the novelty of freedom has quickly dissolved and has been replaced with soundless sleep. :)
(Thank you Pops, Grandpa, and Uncle Colt for all your hard work and ideas. The bed turned out perfectly.)

HAYDEN QUOTE: Hayden's new thing is to dislike EVERYTHING, "I don't like____(insert anything and everything)______." One day he especially disliked everything (nuggets, pants, shoes, cars...). So Brian suggested that I tell Hayden all the things I liked throughout the day. At bath time I asked Hayden if he was ready for me to wash his body with soap, he responds, "NO! I don't like soap!" So I told him why I liked soap, "It makes me smell good, I feel clean afterwards, and it gets rid of dirt." Well Hayden thought about that for a minute and replied, "I LIKE dirt!"


  1. LOVE the update...and YAY! Wahooo!!! for pooping!!!!!! Looks like you guys have been having a blast. Can't wait to see the new bed in person next week.

  2. Ha ha! I LOVE it when one of your posts is titled massive update! Those are such fun pictures and funny quotes! I'm excited MiKya is getting old enough to start doing fun things like Dr. Seuss Day, etc. :) Oh, and I LOVE Hayden's bed! I've been trying to talk Jordan into making one this summer... without much luck! :)