Monday, December 12, 2011


Wow! Life changes when you have 2 kids. I need a lot more arms and hours.
I love blogging, but I love my kids more. So instead of blogging I'm feeding, reading, holding, watching, and loving my little ones. My blog has suffered but I'm ready to play catch-up and remember all the memories we're creating.
Enjoy some photos and videos from the month of October:

Football Season:
BYU Cougars

Hee Haw Farms:

Finally Learning How to be Sufficient with 2:

Hayden's Tumbling Class:
Surprise, Surprise! He's a Goof!
(wonder where he got that from?)

Jocelyn Discovered Stuffed Animals:
"Are you my friends?"

Bowling with Dad

Miniature Golf with Jarom

Sleepy Eyes in the Stroller

Visit from Uncle Colt:

Halloween Ward Party:
Buzz Lightyear

Michael Scott

Brian (Michael Scott), Brandon (Scooby Doo), Jessica (witch),
Jocelyn (ladybug) and Hayden (Buzz Lightyear)


Warren's Visit:
Jocelyn, Hayden, and Cousin Charlize (Nick and Ashley's daughter)

Grandma and Grandpa with ALL their Grandchildren

Pumpkin Carving:

Pumpkin Patch:

Duck Pond:

Hayden Singing Hakuna Matata from the Lion King:

Halloween Night 2011:
Grandma (witch), Jocelyn (ladybug), Hayden (Buzz Lightyear),
Nick (cool guy), Charlize (kitty cat)

Brian as Scooby Doo

Do ladybugs catch flies?

Grandpa, Jocelyn, Hayden, Grandma, Charlize, and Brian

Hayden ran into his friend, Harrison.
How Cute!?!

Family Picture

Hayden's Candy Haul:
It's was pretty sad how little candy he got, (I remember the days when I could fill a pillow sack), but he didn't care. He was so excited with ALL of his candy. He was in Awe for several minutes.

Halloween Video:

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