Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amber and Emi Come

Thanksgiving Point Farm
with Walkers and Barfields 
 Hayden loves to ride the horses and on that day he picked the TALLEST horse there was
(watch out this kid has no fear). 


 Joshua and Jocelyn
(maybe next year you can go for a horsey ride)

Petting a Cute Baby Goat

 Jocelyn just LOVED the goat. She was so excited, her legs were just a squirmin' and she was "Oo, Oo, Oo" the whole time. She wanted to pick it up and give it cuddles and kisses. Every time I tried to take her away she tried to wiggle free. 

Rabbit Hutches
Jarom, Hayden, and Emi 
(Finally a Picture with Emi)

Ice Cream with Emi
 Emi is so adorable and sweet and there's Hayden, my HAM!

Bath Time
Good thing they're all little or else they wouldn't fit. 

Thanks for coming to visit Amber and Emi, we can't wait til next time!

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