Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Colt and Addi's Wedding

 The end of April we celebrated Colt's and Addi's wedding. 

Our little family 

The most recent photo of the Warren family

 The Warren Girls

What's a party without food?...

And loves from Grandpa...

And according to Hayden, the most important, most essential, just can't have a party without it...


And to top the party off...

While visiting for the wedding, 
we got to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma, and Luke and Jamie.

Jamie and Jocelyn riding the 4-wheeler:

 Jocelyn saw Hayden riding it, and she thinks she's big enough to do anything he can. So she wanted a turn and surprise, surprise she held her own.

Luke and Hayden building Marble Works:
 Not sure who was having more fun :)

The perk of having grandparents live in the same town is that we get to see everyone!

Time with Nana and Pops:
Club Membership...Too Much, Golf Club... $20, Golf Ball...Free...
A Golf Lesson with Pops...Priceless!


Throwing Rocks at the River:

The plane ride home:
 The grandparents just TUCKERED them out. 
And I bet the grandparents had to take naps too :)

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  1. As always, it looks great jess. I just love to watch your cute kids grow! Watching the difference between Hayden and Jocelyn in the dirt, makes me think I am training Charlize to be like Hayden-- I was having a hard time seeing Jocelyn get so dirty! :) love ya!