Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hee Haw Farms

Waiting for the Hay Ride to go and pick our family's pumpkins.

Daddy got the biggest, Hayden a "middle" one, and Jocelyn a "baby, princess" pumpkin.

Family Photos

 Anyone for a Sunday drive?

 Pops calls them "Bonnie and Clyde"

"I've Got This!"
My Favorite!

Photos taken by Emily Miner Photography.
Thanks Emily!

Ward Halloween Trunk-Or-Treat 

Brian was at class that night, so I was solo. In the picture you can see Hayden trying to help me "round-up" Jocelyn for a picture. 

First Sign of Winter

Hayden was SO EXCITED!! 
Can you tell?

Disneyland Christmas Countdown Chain 

Hayden has been so excited about going to Disneyland for Christmas. He was asking us daily if it was time to go. Finally I told him that we weren't going until it snowed.
Well, it snowed. He got up that morning, saw the snow and immediately asked, "Are we going to Disneyland today?"...That night we made a Disneyland Christmas Countdown Chain!

"Naughty Girl"

5 Little Pumpkins

Performed by the Preschool Posse:

Going for a Ride with Daddy

Hayden begged and begged Brian to take him for a ride on his new motocycle...Well, actually Hayden only had to ask once and Brian jumped on the chance to show-off his new toy, even though it was to a little crowd. 

Beal's Halloween Party

Jessica: Baker, Jocelyn: Cupcake, Brian: Scooby-Doo, Hayden: Little Einsteins
(the picture is foggy because the party had a fog machine!)

Hayden and Ty-Ty

She looks so delicious, I just want to gobble her sweet cheeks up.
(What cheeks, you say? Either!)

Kayden and Hayden

Donut Eating Contest:

One of the party treats were fortune cookies...
Hayden's Fortune Cookie: "When you make a silly face, it will get stuck that way."

Jocelyn's Fortune Cookie: "You will live a long life with crazy hair." :)

Playing with the Pumpkins on the Porch

Hayden had a Painting Pumpkins Play Date. 
He made one pumpkin with a smiley face and a "H" (for Hayden). The other pumpkin was for daddy, it was a "BYU" pumpkin! :)

Halloween Night

Our lazy-man's way of "carving" pumpkins:

Daddy and Jocelyn weren't feeling too well that night, so it was just Mommy and her Little Einstein.
Happy Halloween!

Preschool Halloween Party

The Preschool Posse Again...
Harrison (Cricket) & Hayden (Little Einstein)...

...and Ava (Mummy)!

More Hayden Quotes: 

Hayden came into the living room holding his head and said, "I have a head-fore ache". Neither Brian nor I could take him seriously.

Like I said earlier in the blog, Jocelyn wasn't feeling well. On one of those days, Hayden was wrestling with Jocelyn, who had her binkie. He was pushing on her stomach. I told Hayden, "Don't push on her tummy, you'll make her throw-up!" Hayden turns to me and says, "It's okay, her binkie is like a plug."

The kids and I were at Walmart buying candy for Halloween. Hayden looks at me with disgust and says with an attitude, "Is this candy for us, or for the church?!" (I guess we have been buying a lot of fun things for the Primary, and NOT Hayden) :)

One day Hayden was particularly gassy. After farting again, he says, "Man, I'm like stinkin' everyday!"
(Sorry Hayden, if you are anything like your father, it will be the story of your life.) 

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