Friday, November 2, 2012


Labor Day Camping
St. Anthony's with the Warrens and Wissingers:
Hayden taking Grandma for a ride 
on his NEW "Lightning McQueen" 4-wheeler!

 Grandpa and Hayden at the Lake

 Jessica and Jocelyn

Safety First when it comes to Shooting Guns.
You Gotta Wear Ear Protection
Smile, Aunt Jamie and Jocelyn

Bear World:

Petting Zoo at Bear World:
Gavin, Britain, and Hayden with fat Goat

Amusement Park at Bear World:
Gavin, Britain, and Hayden

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo

Grandma and Grandpa Spoiling the Grandkids 

Bear Tour:

Thanksgiving Point Farms 
Wagon Ride:
Jocelyn, Hayden, Joshua, and Jarom

How long can we keep them in there?
Who would put that cute face behind bars?

Pony Ride:
Hayden had Fun...
And Jocelyn couldn't decide if she liked it or not.

BYU Dance Performance
Our family went to the "BYU 'Zeum" with the Walker family, and afterwards got ice cream in the WILK. While eating, "Hayden's Song" came on and he just had to dance. I caught a little bit of his performance. 

Ward Hoedown
Brian, Hayden, Jessica, and Jocelyn

Silly Pose:

Friend Picture:
Hayden and Kayden

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Brian's a BIG 30

Riding Bikes with the Walkers
Hayden finally decided that riding a bike is cool.
(He's been riding his plasma car, and went through 2 pairs of shoes during the summer).
Hayden and Jarom rode their bikes together at the park, while Joshua and Jocelyn took turns pushing each other in the little car.

Brian's New, New Motorcycle 
Brian said that his other motocycle (the one he got in June), was too unsafe and old to drive on the freeway... And plus, he got a really good deal on this one... And he said it could be a late birthday gift. 
(You're not fooling anyone!)
Congrats on your new sexy bike!

Our Pretty Little Girl
Jocelyn's first official word (besides "mama" and "dada") was "sit". I was pulling Jocelyn and Hayden in the wagon and had to tell her about a dozen times to "sit", she started repeating me. But with Jocelyn's lisp it sounds like she is saying "s*it". She practiced "s*it" over and over and over again, for a couple of days. We would laugh each time she said it, and being the ham she is, she would say it again and again to get another laugh. 
A couple days later she learned the word "go" while playing on the slide.
These two words summarize Jocelyn perfectly: 
She Never SITS and Always GOES!

More Hayden Quotes:
One evening, I was making a zillion candy hand-outs for Primary. They were all piled high on the table, when Hayden came in, saw the pile and said, "Mom, you're a Beast, Man!" 
(Has he been hanging out with his Uncle Kyle too much?)

After getting Jocelyn ready one morning, Hayden walks into her room and says, "Jocelyn you look FANTASTIC!". I ask him, "What does that mean?". He replies, "Means even better."

Hayden saw a picture of a moose and said, "look mom it's an elk." I say to him, "No, it's a moose."Which he then replies with conviction and a know-it-all attitude, "Well, Grandpa calls them elk!"


  1. Well, it looks like the the Quigley clan has had their share of September fun! Looks like lots of Warren family fun too! What a beautiful pair of grandkids you gave us! Thanks for catching us up!

  2. PS: Tell Mr. Hayden he'sFANTASTIC! ;) XOXOs