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Disneyland, Christmas 2012

Prep for Disneyland

The kids got to open a couple presents before we left for Disneyland.

 Hayden received a BYU beanie for the cold evenings in California.

Jocelyn opening her presents.
 I was surprised at how quickly she caught-on to ripping gift wrap. She was a pro in a matter of minutes. 

Jocelyn wearing her new Mini Mouse headphones (for the plane ride).

Hayden's Turn:

Now Hayden's turn to sport his new Lightning McQueen headphones. 

California Adventure: Day 1

 Addi (blue), Hayden (little one in yellow), and Colt (red) all geared up for a rainy day in California Adventure.

 Ashely and Jocelyn (yep, she is wearing a raincoat made from garbage sacks). 

First Stop, Radiator Springs!!
Where Hayden met Lightning McQueen at the Cozy Cone.
And rode his favorite ride, Radiator Racers!!

After winning the race, Hayden decided that he needed a Piston Cup from the gift shop. Guess who he suckered into buying it for him?
 Yep, Good Ol' Grandma!

Group Photo with Stanley 
Addi, Colt, Brian, Hayden, Jessica, Grandpa, Jocelyn, Ashley, Grandma, Nick, Charlize, Luke and Jamie. 

Mini Photo with Quigley's

Jocelyn enjoying being held 24/7. And I'm pretty sure Grandpa enjoys it too.

Snack Time?

Grandma Feeding the Birds.

Waiting in line for "Soarin' Over California"
 Hayden was nervous and after the ride said, "it was okay, but I don't want to do it again" :) 

Our First Character Sighting: Donald Duck!
Jocelyn liked him for about 30 seconds and then she tried to run away. Hayden just looked at the camera the whole time.

Meeting Jessie on the Pier!!
 Jocelyn is blowing her kisses :)

Hayden, Jocelyn and Charlize were the last in line before Jessie's break. So Jessie asked Hayden to escort her back to the break room! What an honor!!

The Girls' Favorite Ride:
The Carousel 
(Too bad we had to spend all that money for something just down the street.)

Grandpa and Jocelyn Waving for the Camera

Buzz Lightyear
 To Infinity and Beyond!

Brian and Hayden watching a water show at the Pier. 

Grandpa and Charlize on the "Whip-O-Whirl"

Jocelyn's look tells it all, "Is it nap time yet?"

Back to the busses for an afternoon nap...

We're Rested and Back...

First Ride for the Afternoon was TOWER of TERROR! (Jessica's favorite ride). The plan was for the grandparents to take the kids, while the other adults went. But Hayden was too attached to his father, even when he told him that is was just a big kid's ride. So Brian decided to take Hayden along, rather then miss the ride. My mother's intuition chimed-in and told Brian that it wasn't a good idea, but Brian just gave me a nasty look and said, "stop scaring the kid before we even get there, he might like it". So I kept my mouth shut. As we got closer, Hayden heard the screams from the tower and all of a sudden he didn't want to go anymore. But it was too late to turn back now, the grandparents had all ready left. So Brian comforted Hayden through the scary movie, the dark, drafty hallways, the thunder and lightning, all the way to the elevator. As soon as we buckled Hayden's belt, he was on the brink of balling. And as the elevator speed to the top, Hayden lost it. He was screaming, crying, and clawing the handles. I looked over to find Brian stifling an outburst of laughter, but also side-hugging Hayden in his chair. He reassured him the whole ride that he was going to be okay. Hayden didn't stop screaming until the ride stopped and then it was a muffled cry while everyone unloaded. As we left the ride, the elevator attendant took Hayden off to the side and told him, "good job, you we're very brave" and then handed him a sticker that read, "I Took the Dare at Tower of Terror!" Hayden was pretty excited about the sticker and by the time he showed all of his aunts, uncles, and grandparents, the ride wasn't as scary anymore. But still to this day if you asked him what ride was the scariest he would say, "the lightning and thunder tower".

After a scary ride, we decided to take it down a notch and watch
 "It's Tough to be a Bug" in 4D

Bumper Bugs with Nick, Brian, and Hayden. 

Time to sit and wait for the evening parade. 
Hayden and Uncle Nick split a Blue Cotton Candy.

Grandpa, Brian, Jessica, Jocelyn and Grandma waiting for the evening entertainment.

It's getting dark. The parade is about to begin...

Jocelyn waving at the dancers.

Hayden in Awe as he sees his favorite characters like Buzz, Woody and...


A picture with Buzz and Woody made from Legos at the Lego store. 

We had a Good Day! Time to rest-up for the next!

Disneyland: Day 2 (Christmas) 

Most of our Group (missing Colt and Addi)

I love the look on Jocelyn's face, it tells so much. Her smile says, "I'm so excited to be at Disneyland" and her eyes say, "but did we have to get up so early?"

As we call it at our house, "'Rella's Castle"!!

Only these 3 can stomach "tea cup rides"

A little Buzz Lightyear Action:
Hayden and Brian whooped Nick and Ashley's butt! (no thanks to Hayden)

Found another Carousel. 
The girls were pleased.

It seemed like Disneyland had more rides for the girls. They were loving being out of their strollers.


Pirates of the Caribbean:

Time to take a break from the rides and go get Hayden's present from Santa:
Building his own Lightning McQueen Remote Control Race Car. 

Daddy and Hayden in the Pit, putting on new tires.

The girls helping purchase all the correct accessories for Lightning.

Hayden's New Lightning McQueen!

Thank you Santa. Hayden AND Brian had a blast.

Grandma decided that the girls needed their own GIRLY accessories. 
 They got new Mini Purses!

Jamie and Jocelyn trying on Silly Mini Hats.

Time again for an afternoon break.
 (Notice Jocelyn, Luke and Jamie's expressions. It must be the "Disneyland tired of waiting for the bus" look). 

Charlize with her new purse. Isn't she a doll. 

Uncle Colt gave Jocelyn some change for her new purse. 
 She's counting it, so she can overspend after naps.  

I didn't know it was a Mary Poppins, Mini Bag!

Christmas Dinner at Goofy's Kitchen

Mini Mouse came to our table! The girls were excited (as long as they didn't get too close). 

She gave Hayden a Big 'Ol Smooch!

And Alice visited also.
Hayden wasn't quite sure who she was but he was enamored with her beauty.  

Mad Hatter showed up next and Hayden wasn't quite as enamored with his beauty. But he did have charm. 

Dale came for a visit during dessert and Jocelyn was finally stuffed enough to be cordial. 

Pluto came to see how dinner was and Jocelyn finally recognized a face. She was so excited to see him.

Here she is reaching out to touch his nose.
 She then proceeded to give him a kiss on the nose (which sadly we didn't get a picture of).

And just as we were leaving Mulan came to say goodbye. 
 Hayden thought it would be appropriate to leave with a kiss :)
What a ladies man!

And as we left Goofy's Kitchen, who did we see cooking in the kitchen?
 Goofy himself!

What a good dinner!
We are full and we met a lot of characters. 

Time for a little Disney Night Life.

Getting Ready for a Little Michael Jackson!

 (yes, Jocelyn is passed out)

Finish the Night off with Fantasmic! 
 And a bubble blower from Grandpa!

Disneyland: Day 3

No better face then this. 
It expresses, "Holy Cow! I'm so so excited to be here. I can't contain my excitement. AND the sun is Shining for once." 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Same expression here:
He's just so dang silly. I'm glad he had a blast. 

All Aboard the Big Thunder

Hayden and Jocelyn giving grandma loves on the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Grandpa and Jocelyn looking at the fake wildlife off of the riverboat. 

Jocelyn saying, "Cheese" as brother goes down Splash Mountain.

 (Brian in back, Hayden in yellow next to Brian, and Jessica in blue poncho. Great Picture Luke!)
Surprise, Surprise! Besides Radiator Racers in California Adventure, Splash Mountain was Hayden's favorite ride in Disneyland. :)
Maybe he would have liked Tower of Terror if they replaced the thunder and lightning with singing animals?!

Picture time with Pooh.  

And Eeyore too. 

We decided to take a little Lunch Break at The Golden Horseshoe Show.
Brian had barely shoved his first bite in, when he was called to the stage!
 It was very entertaining for the whole Warren clan!

Is it already time for naps?

Mickey Mouse's House

Hayden has been waiting all day to add Mickey's autograph to his book!

Now, just a little ride in Mickey's car.
And we dash away to the afternoon Parade.

What a great combo: The Happiest Place on Earth with the 
Prettiest Girl in Disneyland.  

The Disneyland Afternoon Parade:

" 'Rella, 'Rella!!"

 and a very Happy Hayden.

Time to meet the Princesses  
I was super glad that Jocelyn was in a good mood. Cinderella is her favorite princess and I wanted her to have a good experience. Jocelyn didn't cry and tentatively gave her a hug. 

 Snow White
This was a big surprise, Jocelyn walked right up to her and gave her a big hug. Of course we weren't ready with the camera, because who would have guessed that Jocelyn was all of a sudden going to warm-up. Now we need to get the movie. 

Another visit to the Lego Store. 
 This time Grandma and Grandpa were spoiling Hayden. 

Last Night at Disneyland and no better way to spend it then at "It's a Small World"

Merry Christmas from Disneyland!

California Adventure: Day 4 (Last Day)

Grandma, "Hayden it's your last day, what do you want to do?"
Hayden, "I want to race the cars again and buy mouse ears!"

Let's just say that Grandma and Grandpa made Hayden the happiest kid on earth, within the first hour!

Merry Christmas from Radiator Springs.

As we were walking the streets of Radiator Springs, guess who came driving by?
 Lightning McQueen!

And then moments later...
 McQueen's best friend, Mator!

Only a couple more rides until we have to catch our flight's home :(
But that's not discouraging us.

Grandma spending her last couple of hours with the girls.

And the girls spending time together (at the claw money eaters). 

Goodbye Disneyland and Warren Family.

Thanks for the MOUSETASTIC Christmas Vacation!
It will be a family vacation we never forget. 

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