Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quigley Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with the Quigley's after we returned from Disneyland. 

Hayden was so excited for Santa to visit.
(Man, I'm jealous! Milk and Oreos sound good! Just missing a fork.)

Santa Claus and our Elf on the Shelf, Tatter Butter, brought Hayden new 4-wheeler tires. 
Hayden was expecting the new tires because a week earlier he found Tatter Butter sitting on his little 4-wheeler in the garage and all the tires were missing from it. 

Merry Christmas Sam Boy
(He is wearing a Rudolph blinking nose)

Jocelyn checking out her new kitchen from Grandpa:

Jocelyn's turn for the Rudolph nose, but she's wearing it as a necklace. 

Kyle unwrapping his new blu ray player:  

Brian too scared to tear Kacie's beautiful wrapping job:

Sam showing Jocelyn how to "really" wear the nose.

Hayden helping Nana with her present

Nana's new blanket:

As you can see from all the Rudolph nose pictures, the kids were obsessed with it. 

Hayden showing Pops his new golf case with all the golfballs Hayden colored for him.

Hayden and Jocelyn got Sammer a BYU basketball and beanie.

Go Cougs!

Hayden was such a helper, here he is helping Nana put on her new necklace:

Hayden opening an Angry Birds blanket from Fluffy:

Showing-off his new blanket:

Hayden giving Jocelyn an aggressive hug in his new blanket. 

"If you're a neighborhood cat, you had better watch out!"

Nana got Hayden Light-up Lightning McQueen shoes...
and he practically sleeps in them.

Jocelyn found her new trike horn:
(I love this video because not only is Jocelyn so cute, but in the background you can hear the Quigley's family dynamic.)

Jocelyn opened all her new kitchen supplies:

Nana got Jocelyn a stroller for her babies. 
She loved it! And still plays with it daily. Great purchase Nana. 
 I just have to say that I Love Having a Girl!

Kyle got "a little something" to go with his blu ray player...
a flat screen TV!

Brian modeling Hayden's new Angry Bird Bank from Nana:

Grandpa made a toaster for Jocelyn's new kitchen.
It was the coolest gift. It is one of those gifts that will be passed down to grandkids. Thanks Grandpa for the awesome gift. 

We moved Jocelyn's kitchen to its permanent home in Jocelyn's room...
and we didn't see her for about an hour!
She was cookin' up a Christmas feast.

Jocelyn loves giving AND getting cuddles:

Hayden got cool new golfballs for Christmas. 
Since it was snowing outside he decided that inside was an okay place to golf. 

As any Quigley boy would say, " There's no better way to end Christmas then to play a round of golf."

While the Quigley's were visiting we went tubing at Soldier Hallow in Heber.
We had a BLAST!

Pops, Brandon, Kacie, Jessica, Jocelyn, Brian, Hayden, Megan, Sam, Blake and Kyle (taking picture)

Sam checking out the cheap seats:

Megan giving the camera a wave:

Kyle coming at full speed:

Kyle on left, Megan in middle, and Jessica on right.

Kacie, looking cute even while tubing: 

Jocelyn looking pink, and Pops rockin' the ghetto Bomber beanie:

The newly weds: Brandon and Kacie

Blake taking Sam for a tube ride...

Tubing was fun, but the best part was we didn't have to walk to the top, we rode the lift.
Brian on far left tube, Hayden in blue in the middle, and Jessica next. 

Sam and Blake going for a ride on the bunny hill.

Pops and Sam's turn on the bunny hill.

Blake and Jocelyn

Blake and Sam

Hayden and Jessica just finishing a run:

Kyle and Jocelyn in the cheap seats.
Kyle was a great babysitter.

"Say Cheese!"

Jocelyn's "cheap seat" really was cheap.

Hayden, Kyle, and Brian taking a small break for a picture. Hayden DID NOT miss a chance to go down the hill, he was the only one that went down the hill EVERY TIME!

Blake giving Jocelyn and Jessica a push down the bunny hill.

Jocelyn, Jessica, and Sam
Jocelyn would not go in the tube without an adult rider, but not Sam, he was glued to the tube the whole time, adult or no adult. 

Megan and Sam on the bunny hill

Brian hauling Hayden. I don't think Hayden ever got out of his tube, he was "KING of the hill". 

My Tubin' Boys!

After tubing for 1 1/2 hrs. the boys found out that the more people/tubs that were linked together, the faster the ride. So for the last 3 rides they chained us all up, with Hayden squeezed in the middle.
Brian celebrating an awesome group ride.

Hayden, Brian, Pops, Brandon, Kacie, and Kyle

On the very last run, Kyle decided to video the group going down the hill. 
Featured in the film is: Kyle and Brandon pushing, Pops and Brian on the sides, Hayden squeezed in the middle, and Jessica recording from the front. 

After returning from tubing, Hayden begged Brian to put the new 4-wheeler tires from Santa on his bike.

And that led to "testing out" the new wheels:
Hayden taking Brian for a winter ride.

Hayden showing Pops what his little machine can do. 

The Quigley boys went snowboarding/skiing while everyone visited. 
Blake and Brian 
(they could rob a bank)

They enjoyed it so much the first time, that they went again. But this time they invited the wives, which was an adventure. 
Jessica, Brian, Emily, Kyle, Blake, and Megan

We enjoyed the Utah snow while family visited, but now we wish the sun would shine and the snow would melt. 

Merry Christmas from all the Quigley's!

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