Monday, February 1, 2010

Craft Day

On Friday I had a Craft Day!

I was tried of waiting for the R.S. to do something fun, festive, and crafty. So I decided to use my Cricut, that I got for Christmas, and make a Valentine board.

I also made a TuTu for my cousin's baby shower.

I had Hayden try it on.
At first he wasn't sure if he liked it.

Then his dad told him it was girly and that he looked pretty...
Well, now you can see why I really want a girl next time.
Cause my 1 yr. old can't even stand "girly" things.
My house is already run by macho boys.

Due to Craft Day, we went out to eat (I was exhausted).
We went to an All You Can Eat Pizza and Pasta place, that just opened.
We had a blast and Hayden enjoyed every bite!


  1. Dear Dad, I don't blame him, I would cry if I were him and you called ME 'girly' and 'pretty' too!! I thought Hayden was a fabulous 'sport' for being willing to try it on for his Mommy. So... he's trying to be a good guy -- he had been hangin' out with her all day, and he knew what hard work she put in, so he consents to try it on, and you go and break his little heart! (Pretty HILARIOUS though.)Someday we might have to call you bald, or old, or... or something else. :( :( :(

  2. Jealous!! Wish I was there to make one with you. Turned out so valentine craft we made last year looks like junk this year. All bubbly and pretty dang ugly looking. Love the tutu, good job! Excited to see you in a few days.

  3. Ha!! That is too funny!! Rachel and I just cracked up at the tutu pictures! I hope he doesn't end up needing therapy!!He is so stinkin adorable I want to just sqeeze him. If you guys don't come over and play while you're here I will be eternally sad!! (pressure!)

  4. Cute crafts and hilarious pictures of Hayden in a tutu! I can't believe he is already one! Too fun and cute! :)

  5. i love the tutu! just so you know Brian, not every little boy can pull it off! It takes a real stud! ow ow

  6. I saw the Valentine's sign when we came over yesterday and loved it! I had no idea you made it! You are so talented. Love your blog!