Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's a Character!

He's a Dinosaur,
To Be More Specific, A
Why Brian Calls Hayden a UNI-TOOF-A-SAURUS:
1.Hayden likes Dinosaurs (We Read a Dinosaur Book before Bed)
2. Hayden Roars like a Dinosaur
3. Daddy is Silly
4. Hayden has A HUMUNGOUS Front Tooth

I think he's the cutest Little, One Tooth Dinosaur ever.
And don't you just LOVE his new toothy, squinty eye, SMILE?

He's A Merboy
The other day, after nap, I was putting Hayden's pants back on and couldn't figure out why he was fussing and couldn't stand-up; until Brian pointed out that both of Hayden's legs were stuck in one pant hole.
It was a crack-up, at least for mommy and daddy!

He's a Fish-tologist
We went with the Harris' Family to The Living Planet Aquarium.

Hayden and Ryan
sitting in front of some INVISIBLE fish
(my camera had a hard time with the glass, but Brian would say it was the user!).

Mom and Hayden sitting on a GIANT, UGLY FROG
(which scared Hayden).

Now the Fun Began,
Ryan and Hayden looking at LITTLE, CUTE FROGS
(which Hayden loved).
"Mom, can we Please, Please Adopt One?!
I promise I will take care of it, feed it, clean it, pet it, kiss it, water it, love it..."

Taking a little stroller break
(Notice his Pirate shirt).

Oh! Hayden found his favorite FISHES (the bright, little, non-scary ones).
And, as you can tell from his facial expression, he's EXCITED!!

More Fun in the Coral Tunnels.

And It's Time to Go Home
(Bored Look, paired with Tired Eyes,
And Topped Off with Low Camera Batteries).

One last photo:
(Courtesy of Karen Harris)
It was a pretty good Family Outing!

He's Even A Little Pirate
I don't have pictures,
but I have to tell you that Hayden is becoming a little Pirate.
He finds buried treasure and even occasionally buries his own.
And where does "X Mark the Spot", well in the Garbage Can!
His favorite buried treasure is banana peels, milk jugs, water bottles, and crumpled paper.
And his most precious treasure (which he buries) is Huffy (his puppy) and Bouncy Balls.
Now he just needs some Pirate Lingo:


  1. We always knew we loved dinosaurs... especially this newly discovered species. Leave it to you two to create one!! The photos are all adorable! Hayden looks like a full-of-it little monster, and we're glad he keeps you hopping. Baby Emi has grown up so much, and it's fun to see her, and little Ryan being buddies with the cutest little boy on the block! (and beyond!) Thanks again for sharing1

  2. Looks like you had a really fun time! Hayden is so cute in that top picture with the tooth. So funny that you are friends with Chris Harris - it's a small world. We were in the same ward all through high school. He's great and so is his family!

  3. Ha ha so cute :) I love reading your blog posts! I can't believe how big he is getting! Did Karen mention you guys making a trip to Richland in July when Jordan and I head up there for a week? We think it would be fun for as many of us to "gather" as we can! Let me know-