Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Fun, Fabulous February

Our Family is having a Fun and Fabulous February.
I hope you are too!
Here are some events that are keeping us busy:

Valentine's Day
"What's inside? It is for me?"

"Thanks Mom and Dad.
You can hold the books, and I'll hold onto the Candy Bar."

"UMM, It's YUMMY!"

Not The Best, Nor the Funnest Snow Day
We met Daddy in Heber for a Special Lunch.
While we were there we tried some sledding.
It wasn't too fun!
Hayden kept climbing out of the sled and face-planting it into the snow :(

The Magic of Bubbles
Hayden has discovered the Magic of BUBBLES.
(look closely and you can see bubbles in the background)

He chases, pops, and karate chops!

He has also learned how to KICK a ball.

Mom loves BUBBLES and KICKING,
cause it wears the Little Guy out!

A Visit From Baby E
Baby E came, all the way from Louisville, to play!

And to Enjoy a Beverage while Watching Baby Einstein!

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