Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sidewalk Wipe-Out

Yesterday was Hayden's First Sidewalk Wipe-Out!
It was so sad to see my little boy's perfect, precious face destroyed by rough, grainy cement;
but I know that it definitely won't be the last time.

Here is Hayden after we got him cleaned-up:
The Shininess is from Neosporin and tears.
Yes, that is blood on my shirt/apron, but you should have seen HIS shirt, talk about a battle wound, it looked like someone had shot him :)
The inside of his mouth bleed for about 5 minutes, so no permanent damage there. But the sidewalk "cheese-grated" the tip of his nose, upper lip, and chin, which left Hayden looking like he has a really, REALLY bad snotty nose, that leaks all the way down to his chin.

But even with a "cheese-grated" face
he was still happy-go-lucky as ever:

Grandma and Nana,
he may need some Hugs and Kisses sent to Utah!


  1. Oh NO!!! I'm sorry. I bet that was traumatic for both of you. Glad it's just a nasty scratch and not something worse. I hope you guys are feeling better soon.

  2. I am SO SO SO SORRY!! I felt SO bad when we left! I told gary it was our fault - if we hadn't stopped by, he wouldn't have been outside running around. He reminded me that H is a BOY and Ry's done some pretty horrific things too. Kisses!

  3. Oh, baby Hayden, we are so sad that sidewalk picked a fight with you!! Nana and Grandma DO send kisses... Kiss your Mommy better too... it hurts her hard too! Love, Nana