Sunday, April 11, 2010

SPRING brings: Sunshine, Sandals, and Smiles!

On Saturday we spent ALL of our time working on
our little, itty, bitty back yard/cement square.
We weeded, swept, planted, watered, fixed, and cleaned. And if you can believe it we spend approximately 8 hrs. on a 12 x 15 area
(we only had to go to Home Depot 3 times, chase Hayden 5 times, clean-up thrown dirt (Hayden) 3 times, and nap (Hayden again) twice).

To celebrate all of our hard work we ate dinner outside:

And played, played, played til the sun went down:

We even ate snacks outside:

This picture reminds me of how fast he grows.
Look at how tall he's getting.
But he's skinnier then ever
(if he runs long enough his pants slip right off).
He's just like his Uncle, Elder Kyle :)

We even snuck back outside after church.

Aren't they handsome? :)

I'm so grateful for Springtime; for the fun, smiles, and sunshine!

Little Update:
Hayden's Sidewalk Wipe-Out is healing nicely.
The scabs feel off yesterday and now he has a little pink nose.
Thank you Inventor of Neosporin and for all the Hugs and Kisses from WA!


  1. Oh my goodness gracious... Hayden Bo-Bayden!!!... I want a cute little man like you to come visit in MY ward sometime! Yes, Jessica, they ARE handsome men you have. ... AND the yard looks fab! Looks like your hard work paid off in a big way. So cool to have a little spot to escape to and for Hayden to get good and 'little boy' grimey and dirty!!! Happy, Happy Spring you guys!!

  2. Looks there are some empty seats for us to come over and have dinner...i miss bbq's with you guys. the yard looks great! question, how does that tomato plant thing working? i was thinking of getting one, cause eddie loves BLT's. and hayden's boo-boo looks so much better. Miss you! see you in a few weeks!